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CSS Line/Device Question


Having an issue with Call Forward All (CFA) CSS when using the Line/Device CSS approach.

When I configure a CSS for CFwdAll (using a LINE CSS), I can't CFwdAll to any internal DN's (call cannot be completed).

If I use a Device CSS for CFwdAll, then there is no COS restrictions on the CFwdAll destination, because the Device CSS allows all external numbers.

I have my Device CSS's set up with the RP's for the PSTN, also in the DEV CSS is the partition containing the phone DN's

The Line CSS's have only 'blocked' patterns depending on COS (INTERNAL, LOCAL, LD, INTL)

Is it correct to include the DN Partition in the Device CSS instead of the Line CSS.

I thought the resulting CSS for CFwdAll would combine the Device CSS with the CFwdAll CSS setting, is this not correct?

Which CSS should be applied to CFwdAll?  Do I need a whole nother set of CSSs for the CFwdAll?


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Brandon Buffin

Yes, it is correct to put the DN partition in the device CSS. By default the CFA CSS does not get concatenated with the device CSS. However, there is a service parameter that will allow the CFA CSS to be the same as the line/device CSS. The service parameter is called "CFA CSS Activation Policy" and needs to be set to "With activating device/line CSS" to allow this behavior. See the link below.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Brandon, that does help.

One additional question, How would you configure CSS's in the case where you want to limit the CFwdAll to a "lesser" COS (Line can call LD, but only want to allow CFwdAll to Local or Internal numbers)?

Thanks again.

You would need to create additional CSSs specifically for this purpose.

Hope this helps.


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