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CTI Device and Line Group

Hi all,

I just set up a new line group with the corresponding hunt group and hunt pilot and added the single members to it.

Now two of the members use a CTI device which lets their cellphone ring parallely to their IP phone after two ring tones.

But unfortunately I ran into the following issues:

1. Members with a CTI device aren't considered when the pilot is called. All members receive the (broadcast) call except the ones with the CTI device. When deleting the device the members receive the calls, too.

2. Adding a CTI device to my line group members resulty in an error message which says that CTI devices are not compatible with line groups. This is too bad, since the the line group members must be able to both receive the calls over the pilot and parallely on their cellphone after two ringtones.

Is there any way to realize this ?

Used callmanager release: 4.3

Used IP-phones: Cisco IP Phone 7961

Thanks in advance,



Ok, what I did to realize this was adding another line with an additional extension to the affected device. Then I removed the original extension from the line group and added the newly added to it.

This way the user now has bound two extensions to his phone but this doesn't matter since the second extension is for the line group only.

Now the user is able to receive incoming calls over the pilot and is also able to use his CTI device since this doesn't collide with the line group anymore, because it's used extension isn't in the line group anymore but the newly added one.

In Detail:


Pilot: -299

Line Group: MyLineGroup

Members:  -351, -345, -359 (-359 with CTI device)

Incoming call => -299 => Broadcast to Line group members => -359 doesn't react and CTI phone is not compatible with line group.


Pilot: -299

Line Group: MyLineGroup

Members: -351, -345, -518 (replaces the -359 now and is bound as additional line to the device of the -359)

Incoming call => -299 => Broadcast to Line group members => -359 gets call and CTI phone works since it's extension (-359) doesn't collide with the Line group anymore.

I hope my confusing description describes the case and might be helpful to others. 

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