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Antonio Morales


Hi all,

I want to get a pair of CUBE with HA (which required HSRP configuration), connected to a pair of Nexus 5596UP 

The design and configuration for CUBE HA is described on the document at this link

Each Cisco CUBE I have has a link to each Nexus 5596UP so I was thinking on creating a L3 Etherchannel on the CUBE and a vPC on the Nexus with access to a VLAN in order to accomplish the HRSP needed on the CUBEs (take a look at my design). 

Please let me know if you have done this design and configuration and how you did it.


Manish Prasad

I think you can post this question on routing switching section as well , experts there have better suggestion related to port channel and hsrp.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have the same post on Datacenter Forum but will do Routing as well.



did you get any answer (maybe also from TAC)?

Kind regards - Michael Rademacher.



Not sure you realised this thread in 5 years old. CUBEs HA with the newer ISR4Ks and ASRs is supported using the Redundancy groups now instead of HSRPs. 


Refer to below document for more details and configuration guide. 





Edit: Also to mention I have tested this a number of times, the stateful failover works well as long as you have it configured correctly. The session state is maintained on the standby box as well. If the primary goes down the standby takes over with completely stateful failover. However the HA pair has to be connected through a switch (not directly) for the control channel.

Hi, thanks for your extensive reply! Indeed, this thread is quite old, but I did not find an answer to my question, yet:

Does CUBE-HA supprt a VPC configuration of the surrounding switches?


We want to spread the two ISRs over two datacenter rooms, each having a pair of Nexus switches which are connected through multiple 40 Gbps links. So, we have L2 across these rooms, but all documentation I've found so far is about physical switches between the two boxes. Now, our service provider has told us that we have to have a SINGLE physical switch on the SIP trunk side and a SINGLE physical SWITCH on the CUCM side. I can't believe that as this busts a redundancy concept, creating two single points of failure.


Again, my question is: Can the switches on SIP trunk and on CUCM side consist of multiple, interconnected switches with VPCs between them, providing separate VLANs for SIP trunk and CUCM networks?


Kind regards - Michael Rademacher.

Hi Michael,

Sorry missed your reply, lately I haven't been actively posting here.


HA normally is within a DC, instead of a stretched network, I would prefer to set them up in a stand alone setup. HA concept regardless of the application usually applies to within the same DC - either its a CUBE or a Firewall, for seamless stateful failover. Cisco wouldn't recommend/support that either to set up CUBEs in a HA mode spread between two DCs. 


Refer to below from an old Live slide if it resolves your queries around connectivity:






thanks so much, it's exactly what I was looking for!

Kind regards - Michael Rademacher.

Glad to know that helped. See you around!


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