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CUBE Licencing - Upgrading from Active/Standby to Active/Active


Hi there,

My customer orignally deployed 2 x CUBEs in an Active/Standby HSRP configuration using the CUBE Redundant licence.

He now wants to move one of the gateways to another data centre in an Active/Active configuration so will need full CUBE licending on both gateways.

So currently he as the following CUBE licences;



Is there an upgrade licence available to take both of the gateways to full CUBE licencing?

Does the FL-CUBEE-100-RED licence allow full CUBE capabilities on CUBE #1 in an active/active config?            In which case perhaps I just need to buy a full CUBE license (FL-CUBEE-100) for CUBE #2? Though this seems a but unfair commercially as the customer will end up paying more for their CUBE than if they just went for full CUBE on both gateways from the start...

Any advice welcome.




Prashanthi Velpula
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Michael,

Below is the guide:

Some detail information:

FL-CUBEE-XXX licenses apply to the Cisco 2900 and 3900 series ISR G2 routers

++ The ISR G2 routers have additional features, such as box-to-box redundancy

FL-CUBEE-XXX-RED license enables the purchased session  count for both platforms, e.g. the FL-CUBEE-100-RED purchased for two  Cisco 3945 routers enables a 100-session SIP trunk on both the Active  and Standby routers

- Applicable on the router that is Active at one time

++ Now if customer wants to use Active-Active that means, the FL-CUBEE-XXX-RED is not a valid license and does require to purchase the normal single-use session license

OR consider the below:

- CUBE #1: FL-CUBEE-100-RED *** This can be used as normal single-use session license and RED is additional on top

- CUBE #2: NO CUBE LICENCE *** This will require normal single-use licese and wont have the RED additional feature which is not required anyways ***

Hope the above is informative and helpful. And please do bear in mind this is feature license and its subjective to feature

++ Once you have normal feature license, you are good to start using that feature and any additional need to be topped up !


Prashanthi Velpula

2 x CUBEs  in an Active/Standby HSRP configuration using the CUBE Redundant  licence - See more at:

2 x CUBEs  in an Active/Standby HSRP configuration using the CUBE Redundant  licence - See more at:
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