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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


CUBE not register SIP Trunk

Hi  All

I am installing CUBE

However, CUBE is not registered with

Please check the configuration and debug messages.


bind control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0
bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0
rel1xx disable
session refresh
asserted-id pai
no update-callerid
privacy-policy passthru
sip-profiles 3000


voice class sip-profiles 3000
rule 1 request REGISTER sip-header Contact modify "<.*:.*@(.*)>" "<sip:\1;bnc>"
rule 2 request REGISTER sip-header Require add "Require: gin"


credentials number +********* username ********* password 7 ********* realm
authentication username ********* password 7 ********* realm
no remote-party-id
timers dns registrar-cache ttl
registrar expires 240 tcp auth-realm


debug message

Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIAddContextToTable: Added context(0x7F35BDBB9F50) with key=[61] to table
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/info/4096/ccsip_ipip_media_service_init:
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/info/4096/ccsip_tdmip_media_service_init:
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/36864/ccsip_ipip_media_forking_init: MF: Queue is initialised..
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4097/ccsip_platform_init_ccb: Initialising rtp session queue
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/64/sipSPISetSipProfilesTag: voice class SIP Profiles tag is set : 3000
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/notify/262144/ccsipRegisterSetTargetInfo: p2p mode with Registrar Server =
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/262144/ccsipRegisterSetTargetInfo: Parsing The Registrar Address
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/5120/sipSPIGetOutboundHostAndDestHostPrivate: CCSIP: target_host : target_port : 5060

Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/5120/sipSPIGetOutboundHostAndDestHostPrivate: CCSIP: outbound_host : outbound_port : 5060

Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/critical/8192/sipSPIOutboundProxyReuse: Do not reuse Outbound Proxy IP adress and Port
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/State/sipSPIChangeState: 0x7F35BDBB9F50 : State change from (STATE_NONE, SUBSTATE_NONE) to (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_NONE)
Nov 10 12:34:59.214: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/6144/ccsip_spi_registrar_add_expires_header: Inside ccsip_spi_registrar_add_expires_header for Expires
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Event/sipSPIEventInfo: Queued event from SIP SPI : SIPSPI_EV_OUTBOUND_REGISTER
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/262144/sipSPIIncrementOverloadCount: Local 1 Global 1
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/4096/ccsip_process_sipspi_queue_event: ccsip_spi_get_msg_type returned: 3 for event 40
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/262144/act_idle_outgoing_register: In act_idle_outgoing_register

Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/info/262144/act_idle_outgoing_register: Send REGISTER to

Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIUaddCcbToUACTable: ****Adding to UAC table.0x7F35BDBB9F50 FFFFFFFF8FFB8890-FFFFFFFFE41611E8-FFFFFFFF8007DFFB-31CC279D
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIUaddCcbToTable: Added to table. ccb=0x7F35BDBB9F50 key=FFFFFFFF8FFB8890-FFFFFFFFE41611E8-FFFFFFFF8007DFFB-31CC279D balance 1
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Event/sipSPIEventInfo: Queued event from SIP SPI : SIPSPI_EV_DNS_RESOLVE
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //56/000000000000/SIP/State/sipSPIChangeState: 0x7F35BDBB9F50 : State change from (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_NONE) to (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_SENT_DNS)
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //56/000000000000/SIP/State/sipSPIChangeState: 0x7F35BDBB9F50 : State change from (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_SENT_DNS) to (SIP_STATE_OUTGOING_REGISTER, SUBSTATE_SENT_DNS)
Nov 10 12:34:59.215: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/notify/8192/sip_dns_type_srv_query: TYPE SRV query for and type:1
Nov 10 12:34:59.218: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/8192/sip_dns_type_a_aaaa_query: DNS query for and type:1
Nov 10 12:34:59.220: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/sip_dns_type_a_query:
TYPE A query failed for
Nov 10 12:34:59.220: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/_send_dns_fail:
DNS Query for failed
Nov 10 12:34:59.220: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/4096/ccsip_process_sipspi_queue_event: ccsip_spi_get_msg_type returned: 2 for event 43
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Error/act_register_dns_resolved:
DNS Query failed for query_type:1

Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/notify/262144/ccsip_api_register_target_dns_resolved: ttl = -1
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/262144/sipSPIDecrementOverloadCount: Count:Local 0 Global 0
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Error/ccsip_api_register_result_ind:
Message Code Class 4xx Method Code 100 received for REGISTER
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/notify/262144/ccsip_register_reset_dns_cache: CCSIP_REGISTER:: registrar 0 DNS resolved addr reset
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/notify/262144/sipSPIRegPthruProcessResponse: Processing response w/ resp code == 503
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/262144/sipSPIGetRPCBFromRCB: Retreiving RCB [0x7F35BE1202F8] from RPCB [0x0]
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/critical/262144/sipSPIRegPthruProcessResponse: Error NO RPCB

Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/info/2048/ccsipRegisterStartRCBTimer: Starting timer for pattern +49697912790 for 120 seconds
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIDeleteContextFromTable: Context for key=[61] removed.
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIUdeleteCcbFromTable: Deleting from table. ccb=0x7F35BDBB9F50 key=FFFFFFFF8FFB8890-FFFFFFFFE41611E8-FFFFFFFF8007DFFB-31CC279D
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIFlushEventBufferQueue: There are 0 events on the internal queue that are going to be free'd
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Error/sipSPIFlushDeferredQueue:
Invalid deferredQueue
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/1/sipSPI_ipip_free_codec_profile: Codec Profiles Freed
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/info/8192/sipSPIStopOverlapInfoTimer: Stopping Overlap Info Timer
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //56/000000000000/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIUfreeOneCCB: Freeing ccb 0x7F35BDBB9F50
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/verbose/4096/sipSPIGetContextFromTable: NO context for key[61]
Nov 10 12:34:59.221: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/httpish_msg_free:
Freeing NULL pointer!


please help me



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Re: CUBE not register SIP Trunk

can you post a debug ccsip message so we can see if you are getting authorized by your provider at all?



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Re: CUBE not register SIP Trunk

The debug message above is a debug ccsip all message.

but show sip-ua register status


The state of regi is no.


please help


Re: CUBE not register SIP Trunk


reason is in the debug: "DNS Query for failed".

CUBE has no working DNS hence it can't identify where (which IP) to connect to.

Check DNS on CUBE, once that is working it will get you a step further.




VIP Advisor

Re: CUBE not register SIP Trunk


Its failing because the DNS is failing to resolve

which is used as your outbound proxy.

- do you need outbound proxy or registrar server is only required
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