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CUBE to CUCM transfer issue

Mohammed Al-odhari

Dear all,

I have sip trunk confiugred successfully to CUBE for an outgoing call. Receivng call is as follows:

Someone call the no(14037881898) on ITSP-->send call to CUBE---siptrunk->CUCM then i want the call to be forwarded to autoattendant no(5467778) in the unity connection??

CUBE is configured to receive the call from ITSP then on another below dialpeer, CUBE configured to forward the  call to the Publisher via the sip trunk configured between them.

dial-peer voice 2 voip
session protocol sipv2
destination-pattern 14037881898

session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml
codec g711ulaw
no vad

Can i do transformation pattern in CUCM for Called no (14037881898) to the autoattendant no (5467778) solve the issue??? 

please advice



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Gregory Brunn

SO call gets to cucm correctly now, is that correct?


You could do the translation on cube but why? Why not just sent the number to cucm and let cucm do a translate and then have a ctirp set up to call forward all in voicemail.

Hi Brunn,

Thanks for your kind email.

NO, still the call not received by cucm, i mean that i get a fast busy tone.

I dont do any translation in the cube, as you can see in the original post, i configure in the CUBE only a dial peer to send the received call from the ITSP to the CUCM.

What shall i do now to forward the call to the autoattendant number ?

what do you mean by ctrip setup?

Please advise and clarify



Does RTMT show the call getting to your subs? Look in RTMT Real Time Data to see if its getting there . what is coming across and what is happening. 


Once the call is there either match a CTI Route Point to it directly or run a translation pattern against it and send it to a CTI RP. 

make an inbound call and run debug ccsip message and attach the output to this post, cheers

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Hi Dennis,

Below are the CUBE dial peer which receive the call from ITSP and send it to the CUCM (

A debug (attached) has been taken when a caller called the ITSP no(14037751898) & the ITSP send the call to the CUBE which has to send it to the CUCM.

First we want to make sure that CUCM has received the call, then to transfer the call to the autoattendant no(590550002) via translation rule maybe or transformation called pattern???plz advice

dial-peer voice 5 voip
description *** Inbound Call From SIP_Provider ***
session protocol sipv2
session target sip-server
incoming called-number 14037751898
dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml
codec g711ulaw
no vad
dial-peer voice 3 voip
description *** Outbound Call To CUCM_Yemen Subscr***
destination-pattern 14037751898
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml
codec g711ulaw
no vad

Hi Dennis again,

did you go through my last relplay & text file attached.???? Below is another debug the doing tranlsation rule in the CUBE from the called no to the autoattendant no,,,,, please advice where is the issue.

pulisher ip is (


*Oct 30 10:12:37.605: //-1/B0867E83B6BA/CCAPI/cc_api_call_setup_ind_common:

   Interface=0x4A110834, Call Info(

   Calling Number=004915116758822,(Calling Name=)(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not Screened, Presentation=Allowed),

   Called Number=14037751898(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown),

   Calling Translated=FALSE, Subscriber Type Str=Unknown, FinalDestinationFlag=TRUE,

   Incoming Dial-peer=5, Progress Indication=NULL(0), Calling IE Present=TRUE,

   Source Trkgrp Route Label=, Target Trkgrp Route Label=, CLID Transparent=FALSE), Call Id=15277


Oct 30 10:12:37.613: //15277/B0867E83B6BA/CCAPI/ccIFCallSetupRequestPrivate:

   Interface=0x4A110834, Interface Type=3, Destination=, Mode=0x0,

   Call Params(Calling Number=004915116758822,(Calling Name=4915116758822)(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not Screened, Presentation=Allowed),

   Called Number=59055002(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown), Calling Translated=FALSE,

   Subscriber Type Str=Unknown, FinalDestinationFlag=TRUE, Outgoing Dial-peer=3, Call Count On=FALSE,

   Source Trkgrp Route Label=, Target Trkgrp Route Label=, tg_label_flag=0, Application Call Id=)


 And this is the SIP message received from the UCM on the KHR side



*Oct 30 10:14:54.221: //15290/01517ABDB6CB/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:


SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKA3141E

From: "4915116758822" <sip:004915116758822@>;tag=5BB7D38-1E0C

To: <sip:59055002@>;tag=232974~568ef167-dc08-4340-83a9-92387ff4684e-48515986

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 11:09:27 GMT

Call-ID: 153EB5D-BC9211E7-B6D1FB6B-19B6F92F@

CSeq: 101 INVITE

Allow-Events: presence

Reason: Q.850;cause=1

Content-Length: 0



Let's check routing routing between CUBE and CUC trunks using CUCM DNA tool.
In your output CUCM answered Q.850;cause=1 -> Unallocated number, that is mean CUCM doesn't know where is located 59055002

Can you dial out 59055002 from the ip phone?

If number 59055002 is not assigned to any device or CTI route point, then you need:
- Create CTI route point
- Assign internal number 59055002 to the line
- Forward all calls to auto attendant number 5467778

Or do direct translation to attendant number 5467778 and set correct CSS/Partion settings.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your replay.

the sip trunk and routing between CUCM and CUBE is tested successfully as call can be placed from 

ip phone-->CUCM-->CUBE-->ITSP, but revesly not when dialing ITSP no.-->CUBE-->CUCM-->Unity connection(autoattendant)

When Ip phone dial the no (59055002), the autoattendant message can be heared, as this no.  i got it from the H323 Voice Gateway FXO port plar command connected to the CUCM.


So, hope above is clear, waiting for you advice.



Does the Calling Search Space of the trunk in CUCM have access to the partition where 59055002 is? Or to the translation pattern you may have created...

Yes of course,



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