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CUBE with Cbeyond SIP trunk

Ok if this issue with the sip proxy is the from field, then we can  use your sip profile rules to change it so that its showing sip connect.  so add this rule to your sip profile

request INVITE sip-header To modify  "<>"  "<>"

You can  then use the sip-proxy command and try again. Send the traces so we know  that the sip profile worked and what is sent to then is sipconnect

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CUBE with Cbeyond SIP trunk

I can see I gave wrong info last time.

I have narrowed it down to issue with the Outbound-proxy command. For some reason Cbeyond require this command set to:


In the cbeyond documentation they add the command to:

voice service voip - SIP

but with this command my indbound calls does not work, because it tries to use the proxy.

I moved the command to the dialpeer and then I had successfull calls both in and out with SIP both between SP and CUBE and CUCM.

But now my register with the SP fails...

If I add the command to Voice Service Voip - SIP again, the register succeed.

As if the Sip-UA configuration only uses the global config, not the config under the Dial-peer.

Does any one know how to make SIP-UA use outbound-proxy under dialpeer, or add the command to SIP-UA config?

Thank you for your help.


CUBE with Cbeyond SIP trunk

I have solved the issue.

The Outbound-Proxy needs to be configured globally on voice service voip -> SIP.

Then on the dialpeers where they should not use the outbound-Proxy configure the following:

no voice-class sip outbound-proxy

this solves the issue.

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