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CUC - User migration from local to LDAP

i had setup end users in CUCM then bring those users to CUC via AXL then setup their mailboxes everyting is perfect. now i integrate my CUCM with LDAP (i used same user IDs as LDAP during initial manual user added in CUCM) now my users are in CUC still from CUCM but as they have two different password (in CUCM used AD credential but CUC local password).

Now i integrate my CUC with LDAP but voicemail users created initially still remain so my question is that, is there any way i can migrate mailbox from local to LDAP without loosing their voicemails ?


In current versions of Connection the answer is yes. Documentation suggests that this was not always the case; however, I'm not sure which version added it. At a high level you need to:

  1. Run a BAT Export of the mailboxes
  2. Pair down the CSV file to only the Alias column (primary key for the update operation), CcmId, and LdapCcmUserID columns.
  3. Replace the GUID shown in CcmID with %null% (including the percent signs). The value shown is the GUID of the End User object in CUCM that the mailbox is integrated with. Clearing this field breaks the integration.
  4. Populate the LdapCcmUserID column with the username. In most designs you can simply copy the Alias column value over.
  5. Run a BAT Update of the mailbox. You will now see that it is integrated with LDAP instead of AXL.

As always, perform the BAT Update on a small sampling of mailboxes first to prove that it is working as intended.

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