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CuciLync Deskphone Mode

Hello All -

I have been deploying CuciLync in a lab environment (CuciLync 8.6, CUCM 8.x) before a client deployment.  I have everything working quite well, except for one thing:

The primary reason for deploying CuciLync is for presence change in Lync on ip handset off-hook.  I would like CuciLync to start in deskphone mode, which it does, but initially I get the "no go" symbol beneath the deskphone icon and there is no control over the deskphone.  If I enter the CuciLync settings -> Calls page, The phone appears correctly (Cisco 7941), but the Phone Number is listed as unknown.  If I click Change, the phone is listed in the Select Phone menu appropriately, and it is the ONLY phone listed.  If I select the radio button and click OK, I immediately gain CTI control over the handset and everything works brilliantly.

As soon as I switch to the handset through CuciLync settings, 2 errors appear in Server Status and Notifications:

1 - Failed to disable phone selection events.  A runtime error has occurred [20]

2 - Device Error.  Service internal error. [101]

If I change to Softphone mode, on the change back to deskphone mode the same thing happens; I must manually enter the settings page and choose the phone before I get the call control.

I am using application and directory dial rules to reconcile the difference between the 4-digit CUCM extensions pulled from the AD ipPhone attribute and the +E.164 numbers in the AD telephoneNumber attribute.  Calls to / from internal contacts appear correctly when placing a call from Lync client, so it does not appear to be a normalization issue.  Visual voicemail, custom presence, and photos are all working just fine.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated; all other features are working well and this is my final obstacle in getting this deployed in production.

Verbose local (client) log attached.





Nobody showed here.

Did you find a solution?


Volodymyr Morskyy



this is a know bug with CUCILYNC version 8.6.2 and will be solved with the next CUCILYNC release available november.

Best regards


Cisco Employee


The bugs related to this issue are CSCuc85356 and CSCua42455, (both internal), this issue is supposed to be fixed on the next CUCILync release, unfortunately there is no release date for this new release yet.

Now, a possible workaround is that if you have CuciLync controlling a desk phone which has multiple DN and one of the DN doesn't have "Allow control of device via CTI" checked, then proceed to check the Box "Allow Control of Device via CTI" under CCM Admin -> Phone -> Device -> Search for Controlled Device -> Click on the DN on the Left Hand Side and then check the Box.

Save the changes and then Apply Config and Reset.

Then restart CuciLync and check if you can successfully control the correct DN to place the call.

If that doesn't work please use CuciLync 8.6.1 which is not affected by this issue.

Hope this helps.

Christian Nuche

PDI HD Team.

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