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CUCM 10.5 Jabber directory challenge


I am wondering if someone have can help with my directory challenge.

My goal is to have minimum configuration and end up having Jabber for Windows using EDI (LDAP) directory and Jabber for iPhone/Android using UDS.

I need this since our users today have contact pictures on their windows machines pulled form LDAP, and I do not want to change the user experience on windows when we deploy Jabber for mobile, which is OK to not have pictures for the time being.

I am guessing that one option is to not configure directory in service profile, then use separate config files?

Is there a better way of doing this?



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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For Jabber for Windows you can use the defaults, assuming they work for your environment, but once you configure a directory service profile, or the jabber-config.xml, they will take precedence over the default values. You can have a single file for EDI and BDI devices, or you can have a separate file for each, however, a different file for each, means you'll need to manually configure the BDI devices to look for that file.



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Thanks for your reply.

I tried setting up different xml files but it seems like the ios devices did not pick it up. I did find a old post stating that ios only checked the service profile.

Anyway, after a little more digging and testing I found that this is not an issue for us.

Other than my devices that I have been testing with, none of the mobile phones will be used on our internal wifi, only through MRA and then it is taken care of since no matter what settings you have, the Expressway will force the use of UDS, and solve our porblem.

Computers on our network uses LDAP and external devices uses UDS and no extra config was needed :)

Thanks again,