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CUCM 10x Voice

Taylor Scott
Level 1
Level 1

Campus Building has multiple fax machines in one room with 1 RJ11 wall jack on the wall in that class room.  Is it possible to install a 5 port rj11 splitter to wall jack to have 5 fax lines and how is it suppose to be connected to the VG224 section?



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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You can daisy chain analog devices up the specific REN value, however means all devices ring at the same time when the number is called and in case of a fax machines only one of them will pickup the call (first one to answer), so usually it is not desired except for possible analog phones, etc where cabling is a concern.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Matt,

My friend Chris is most correct here about using a pre-built RJ11 5 port splitter (+5 "C"). It's use is to give you 5 jacks with the same line/ext. (from 1 RJ11) whereas I'm guessing you actually want 5 separate lines for the 5 fax machines.

The best you could probably achieve here is 4 separate fax lines depending on the actual wiring that exists in the wall jack. In most cases you will have either a CAT3, CAT5 or CAT6 cable connected to the classroom wall jack running back to the local cross-connect room/closet etc. Any of the above mentioned cables will have 4 pairs of wires (blue, orange, green, brown) and you would need to leverage each of these to support 1 fax line each. So you would need a multi-port wall jack (commonly available) where the cable is split out so that the blue pair is used for fax line 1 on jack 1, the orange pair for fax line 2 on jack 2, the green pair for fax line 3 on jack 3 and the brown pair for fax line 4 on jack 4.

Back at the VG224 patch location you just need to match up the pair color to line # config you set up at the classroom wall jack (blue pair fax 1, orange pair fax 2, green pair fax 3 & brown pair fax 4. 

I hope this makes sense...the picture below illustrates the pair color to jack # I described.



Image result for 5 port rj11 splitter