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CUCM 11.5.1 - Hunt Pilot, Hunt Group logout not going directly to VM

Saima Harris
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I am experiencing an issue where I have setup a HP with the following settings:

Forward Hunt No Answer

    Forward Unanswered Calls to Destination          2222  (VM Pilot)

Forward Hunt Busy

   Forward Busy Calls to Destination                     2555 (an extension)


The above setup is working fine but if they logout of Hunt Group, calls are still ringing 6 or 7 times before going to the VM.

Is it possible that if no one is logged in to the HG, calls go directly to VM instead of ringing 6 or 7 times?


I was able to achieve this by enabling Queueing and selecting : 

When no hunt members answer, are logged in, or registered:     Route the call to this destination 

but the customer did not like this because then it behaves like a call center and the receptionist is not able to see the second incoming call (Call Display) if she is already on the first call so I had to revert it back.

My questions:

. is it possible to somehow configure the no queueing HP that if no member is logged to HG, calls go directly to VM instead of     ringing a few times?

. if Queueing is enabled, is there a way to see the call display for the next call if she is already on one call?

Thank you 

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On your first question the answer would AFAIK be no. For the second question I don’t know what options there are, mostly because I never tested this out or looked into the topic.

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