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CUCM 11.5 Free Common Space

Is there any reason to keep any files in the TFTP (file list tftp *) on a CUCM Publisher, when you have two other dedicated TFTP servers in the cluster.


Facing the free common space issue on a lot of 11.5 upgrades related to the publisher. Running the .cop files helps some but not enough.  Adjusting watermarks, purging CDRs, all with 200 phones using a 7500 user nodes with 110GB drive.


I don't see why Cisco can't start using a larger virtual drive, give the Telepresence CE files are GB in size.

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Re: CUCM 11.5 Free Common Space

If you do not have the publisher in any CUCM groups for registration / tftp services, then there is never a scenario where a phone would request these files form the pub. My US cluster is similar, PUB and 2 SUBS. TFTP is not even enabled on the PUB.

You can also increase the common partition above the 110 GB OVA size by increasing the disk in VMWare. CUCM will recognize and extend the drive after the increase.

Re: CUCM 11.5 Free Common Space

Even with TFTP not activated the Publisher still stores the files as on publisher as seen in file list tftp *
Not clear why the Publisher needs these files or just poor file/disk management by Cisco developer.
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Re: CUCM 11.5 Free Common Space

Hi there


yes, though CUCM PUB is not being used as any of the TFTP servers, still the files will be available. I don't say its a poor disk management as the fact that CUCM PUBLISHER is handling the DB and can invoke as a TFTP at events of catastrophe. Yes, also the fact that the HD space can be a limitation. The only idea should be cleaning up the TFTP for un-used or old firmwares, MOH, png files etc.



Hope this Helps

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