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CUCM 11.5 RTMT NTP Alert - Local NTP client is off more than acceptable threshold

Leah Sittig
Level 1
Level 1

Every hour we are receiving 3 alerts:

SeverityMatch : Critical
MatchedEvent : Jun 25 11:36:05 CUCMPUB user 2 platform: The local NTP client is off by more than the acceptable threshold of 3 seconds from its remote NTP system peer. The normal remedy is for NTP Watch Dog to automatically restart NTP. However, an unusual number of automatic NTP restarts have already occurred on this node. No additional automatic NTP restarts will be done until NTP time synchronization stabilizes. This is likely due to an excessive number of VMware Virtual Machine migrations or Storage VMotions. Please consult your VMware Infrastructure Support Team.


We do not use VMotion on our UCS gear and have checked to ensure NTP is in sync.


Attaching the following commands output:

utils ntp status

utils diagnose module ntp_reachability

utils diagnose module ntp_clock_drift

utils diagnose module ntp_stratum

utils network capture port 123




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Are these NTP servers windows based or IOS based.


All the NTP servers are as a NTPv4.