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CUCM 11 License

Prime License Manager is showing the following information:

                   Req   Inst      Avail

Enhanced  2314   2850        0

Basic           318         0         0

Essential   8830    8400   -212

We have a few of  CUCM 11 License questions:

1)  It appeared that the Basic license borrowed 318 from the Essential license.  Did the Essential license borrow the 218 Essential license

     (2850 - 2314 - 318) ?

2)  It appears that we are short 212 license.  If we delete unregistered device, will that increase our available license count?

3)  After we delete device from CUCM, how soon with that be reflected in Prime License Manager?

Jitender Bhandari
Cisco Employee


The following are the license types for the Unified Communications Manager:

Essential Essential User Connect License - supports one device providing basic voice or analog device (phone or fax). (For example: analog phone, ATA 186, ATA 187, Cisco 3905, Cisco 6901)
Basic Basic User Connect License - supports one device, including all Essential devices, plus basic (voice and video) call control features. (For example: Cisco 6911, Cisco 6921)
Enhanced Enhanced User Connect License - supports one device, including all Basic devices, plus advanced (voice and video) call control features including desktop and mobile clients. (For example: Cisco 3911, Cisco 3951, Cisco 6941, Cisco 6945, Cisco 6961, Cisco 79xx, Cisco 89xx, Cisco 99xx, Cisco E20, Cisco TelePresence EX60, Cisco TelePresence EX90, third party SIP)
Enhanced Plus Enhanced Plus User Connect License - supports up to two devices, and including all Enhanced devices.
CUWL Standard CUWL Standard Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL) license for Unified CM - supports advanced (voice and video) call control features including desktop and mobile with maximum of two devices per user.
CUWL Professional CUWL Professional Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL) license for Unified CM - includes CUWL Standard features and professional collaboration workspace application features with maximum of ten devices per user.

Ans 1) If Essential licences are not available it would take from Basic.

Ans 2) Yes, Deleting Devices would free licences.

Ans 3) Perform a Full sync and it would update the count instantaneously.

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for more details reference below link



were you able to get the licence count down after deleting device and performing full sync?


We are planning on working in the next few days.

Great, update the forum as it goes.


We deleted 10 phones yesterday afternoon and let the Prime License Manager perform a full Synchronize on its own last night.  The number of insufficient licenses was decreased by 10 (-212 to -202).

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Do notice that you have to do this before the licensing system lockdown the system due to the licence violation, once it goes into lockdown, you cannot add/remove/modify anything. You can only add enough licenses to go back into compliance to fix that status.



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We were advised that if we restarted the cluster, the 60 day grace period also be restarted which I must admit I found a little supprising. Is that not the case?

No, that's not the case, if it was that easy, nobody would even buy licenses, you would just restart the cluster every 59 days.

The count only restarts once you go into compliance by:

A) Adding enough licenses for the deployment

B) Deleting devices.



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Thanks Jamie - that makes more sense



yes, if there are no specific licenses available, it will borrow from the upper tier licenses.

So 318 basic and 218 essential is borrowed from 2850 enhanced licenses and hence you are left with  2850-318-218-2314=0 enhanced licenses and you still need 212 essential.

if you delete the unregistered and unassigned (user) devices from CUCM and then do the following:

- update license usage in CUCM system --> Licensing

- Synchronize the licenses in PLM

You will immediately see the licenses available in PLM.



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