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CUCM 12.5


In my lab I started with CUCM 12.5 (fresh install)

To my surprise I saw the 2 7940 I have in the LAB converted automatically to SIP when they auto register

Although the auto register protocol is SCCP

Has any one seen this? I converted back to SCCP by manually adding the 7940 as SCCP devices. But we are going to upgrade a customer that still has 300+ 7940 and if after an upgrade they run SIP (that would be really bad)

Is this a default somewhere?






Re: CUCM 12.5

 Hi Jan,


I don't find any parameters define the auto registration other the one specified in enterprise parameter [ Auto Registration Phone Protocol]. Moreover, Cisco recommends following as the best practice to utilize the Bulk Administration Tool when you have more than 100 phones in your set up. 


but again, if you upgrading from an existing version, then you don't need to consider/worried about the auto registration since it is already configured in the system. [correct me if I understood it wrong.]






VIP Collaborator

Re: CUCM 12.5

If the Enterprise Parameter "Auto Registration Phone Protocol" is set to SCCP and the phones are registering SIP, that is something I would contact TAC about.

I agree that if you are going to register that many phones, you will want to use either BAT or you can set the phones up via Universal Device Templates/Universal Line Templates/User Profiles as SCCP phones, then set up the Self-Provisioning IVR. Even if the phones register as SIP, once they go through the SP-IVR they will convert to whatever phone protocol is in the UDT.

If your plan is to register the phones, export them via BAT for editing, and then re-importing. It is possible to bulk edit the csv file in Excel to modify the few fields that are different for SIP phones. You'd need to delete the phones from CUCM before re-importing.

Finally, you can convert a phone from SIP to SCCP on a one-by-one basis by creating a SCCP Phone Template for that model phone, and then going into the phone configuration page, and choosing "Migrate Phone" from the "Related Links" field, and then picking the template you just created.

Pick your poison....


Frequent Contributor

Re: CUCM 12.5

Thanks for the answers

In the weekend I shall check again with 12.5 and 7940 phones.

I never use BAT for installations, only to modify existing configs.

My preferred way is using self provisioning. Requires some designing but works very nice



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