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CUCM 12. Background images configuration on phones.




Could you please help me with a such problem.

I've uploaded png images on my CUCM TFTP server and can choose them from my desk phone menu.

I want to force all my phones(8941, 8845) to use my image, I don;t want to configure them one by one from the menu. And I can't do it.

I've configured Common phone profile with my image, checked/unchecked Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting. I've tried to configure images also on the device page and it didn't work too.


What the problem it could be? Why I can choose image from the menu, but can't configured on device page or common phone profile?


Best regards,

Uladzimir Hryharovich


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What did you configure as the image name?? just the name? or path + name?



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Hello Jaime,


I've configured just the name, for example name.png


Best regards,

Uladzimir Hryharovich

I spent some time figuring some of the basics out so I wanted to share. For CUCM 12 you only need the file name.   Some other versions need the path included.


If you want to force the background to be one of the selectable Cisco backgrounds, use the file name:  syn_wallpaper_##.png where ## is any number 02 to 12.  The numbers seem to correspond to the location of the thumbnail in the wallpaper settings on the phone display.


You can configure the file name in the phone’s Background Image field or in a Common Phone Profile. If you configure a  Common Phone Profile, you can uncheck the Enable End User Access to Phone Background Image Setting and the user cannot change the background.  Individual CUCM phone configuration will override the Common Phone Profile.


Useful commands I found in other posts.

file view activelog cm/tftpdata/Desktops/800x480x24/List.xml

file list activelog cm/tftpdata/Desktops/800x480x24/

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