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CUCM 12 - Hunt Pilot Timer


in a CUCM 12 we need to configure a Hunt Pilot. The members in the Line Group should ring at the same time so I set it to "Broadcast".

If the Hunt Pilot number is dialed all phones ring but the call is dropped if none of the members answers.

For now I found the "RNA Reversion Timeout" at the Line Goup, but the maximum here is 180 sec. It's way too short.

How can I set the timer for this to a longer duration?


Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advocate

Instead of stop hunting try other option. But the ring duration more than  180 second will not be possible.


Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 4.22.37 PM.png 

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Andrew Skelly
Rising star

Why do you need your hunt pilot to ring for more than 180 seconds (3 minutes)?  It seems like setting up a call queue within UCCX/UCCE would be a better option if you need long wait time/high ASA time on the hunt pilot.  If that is not an option, you can create multiple line groups with the same members and assign those to the hunt list.  After 180 seconds have the hunt list move to the next line group (thus adding another 3 minutes to the wait time).

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Thank you for reply.

The Hunt Pilot is intended as a kind of internal emergency number. If someone needs help he can dial e.g. 666 and every employee who is registered as a helper receives a call. For this purpose a ring duration more than 3 min is required.


I already read about the solution with the multiple Line Groups. I'll give it a try. Anyway - strange this limit.



I tried the solution with 3 Line Groups with identical members.

First test was with RNA Reversion Timeout = 15s. After 15s the member of the next Line Group was called and after additional 15s the third Line Group. So far it was ok.

But when I set RNA Reversion Timeout = 150s the 2nd Line Group starts ringing, but after a total time of about 3min the call drops.

Is there a "total timer" of a Hunt Pilot somewhere ?

If you can not change the 3 mins limitation.

Perhaps, you can pass the call to CUC, then use call handler to pass back the calls to CUCM hunt pilot.

There is no option to increase more than 3 mins. configure no answer destination on HUNT pilot to other Hunt or destination.

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