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CUCM 6.1.2 -- Service Activation fails with error



I am running CUCM Business Edition 6.1.2. I have an odd issue with the Service Activation screen in Cisco Unified CM Serviceability.

When I try to deselect a previously-selected service and save, I get an error messages that states that "Connection to the Server cannot be established (Unknown Error)".

I only have one server (Bus Ed) and that is the server that is running the administration site. I already found a thread on NetPro referencing the same problem, but that person was running a cluster and had a problem with an Enduser named 'Administrator.'

I don't have an Enduser named 'Administrator' so I can't try that particular fix. Is there anyone else who has had this issue and fixed it?

The reason I am trying to deselect a service is because I need to turn off the Cisco Messaging Interface service. I don't need it and it keeps crashing and filling my RTMT logs with error spam. Unfortunately, I can't turn it off until I can get Service Activation working.





Where are you opening the webpage? Directly on the server or with a PC that can reach the CCM server?

If you try with another service do you have the same problem? (just for testing purposes)


On a PC that can reach the server. The server itself is the linux-based appliance so I can't open a web browser locally.

I have tried with other services, and it fails the same every time.

Yep, sorry, I missed the CCM version.

Try resetting Tomcat from the CLI on the server itself.

I have seen that a reboot also helps on that one, but try tomcat first.

admin:utils service restart Cisco Tomcat

You can also use the following to see if the services are started or stopped.

admin: utils service list

I have same problem.

When I do utils service restart Cisco Tomcat

Here is the result:

Service Manager is running

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Cisco Tomcat[STOPPING]

Commanded Out of Service

Cisco Tomcat[NOTRUNNING]

Service Manager is running

Had a similar problem in CUCM 10.0.1. Could not get to the Control Center - Feature Services page for the publisher, even when logged into the publisher, it just kept trying and finally timed out. Restarted the Serviceability service from the CLI, no effect. Restarted the Tomcat service and voila, it now works. Better than rebooting.



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