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CUCM 6 - Changing phone voicemail behaviour according to time of day


The requirement I have is for calls to a phone number to not go to voicemail during the working day but just keep on ringing, to go to voicemail after x rings between 18:00 and 20:00, and for nightservice to be used after 20:00.

We have this working using time of day, partitions etc, but only by having the phone number appearing as two separate DNs on the phone active at different times of the day.  What we really need is for this all to happen with one line on the phone.

After a long time looking at this it is my belief it can't be done, but would appreciate it if anyone could either confirm this or teach me the error of my ways by pointing me to a method of achieving it.



Cisco Employee

Hi Vaughan,

I am not sure if this will work, but you can try the following :

- Set up a VM Profile, which is associated with a VM Pilot

- Set up Line Groups and Hunt List to go to Voicemail

- Set the Hunt pilot (VM pilot number) with a partition having the Time of Day you want the call to go to voicemail, and point it to the Hunt Pilot

My guess is that this setup will result in a call going to voicemail when the partition with ToD routing is active, and the call will result in fast busy during other times of the day.

Let me know if this helps.

- Sriram

Hi Sriram,

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I don't believe that will achieve the required result either.

What is required is that during the daytime there is no attempt to transfer the call to voicemail, with the phone just ringing until either it is answered, picked up by someone else, or the caller hangs up.  Only after 18:00 should there be any attempt to forward the call to voicemail.  Effectively I'm trying to achieve time of day control over the Call Forward No-Answer to set it to none during the day and voicemail after 18:00.



This might be a shot in the dark but might we be able to do the following

Call goes to a DN but use a translation pattern to go to a HUNT group instead of directly to the DN - Translation pattern partition defines TOD. final number is to the extension which will cause it to loop.

Hunt DN and associated with the extension in UNITY for Night Service. So we will have two translation patterns.

havent tried, just read the post and this is the first thing that came to mind 

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