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CUCM 6 upgrade to 8.6 and add new USR-LIC

Hi Guys,

I have a requirement from one customer. Basically, I have to upgrade the exsiting CUCM 6 to CUCM 8.6 and also to add new user license. The existing CUCM has arround 400 users, and I need to upgrade the License to 1000. I'm trying to prepare a quote using UCSS, please check below BOQ and tell me If I'm missing something:

CUCM-USR-LIC                              Top Level Sku For User License                                                                                                                                       1

MIG-CUCM-USR-A                         Migration to UC Manager Enhanced - Less than 1K Users                                        300

UCSS-UCM-1-1-A                    UC      Manager Enh UCSS Less than 1K users - 1 user - 1 year                                                       300

MIG-CUCM-BASIC-A       Migration to UC Manager Basic - Less than 1K Users                                                                      300

UCSS-UCM-BAS-1-1-A          UC      Manager Basic UCSS Less than 1K users - 1 user - 1 year                                             300

UCM-7835-85                                             CUCM 8.5 7835                                                                                               3

CCX-85-CMBUNDLE-K9               CCX 8.5 5 Seat CCX ENH CM Bundle - AVAILABLE ONLY FOR NEW CM                              1

CUCM-PAK                    Include PAK Auto-expanding PAK for CUCM                                                                                                                             1

CUCM-USR                    Include PAK Auto-expanding User for CUCM                                                                                                              1200

UCM-7835-85-UKIT          CUCM 8.5 Upgrade Media Kit                                                                                                                                                 1

UCM-7835-UPG-NODE          CUCM 7835 Upgrade Node                                                                                      3

UCSS-UCM-BASIC-PAK          Include PAK Auto-expanding User for CUCM 8.0                                                                                          1

UCSS-UCM-PAK                    Include PAK Auto-expanding UCSS PAK for CUCM                                                             1

What I want to know, do I require other part # for the new user license or it's ok I can use the MIG-CUCM-USR-A to upgrade and add more license??




CUCM 6 upgrade to 8.6 and add new USR-LIC

You probably need to read through the ordering guide once more. The MIG-CUCM-USR SKUs are meant to upgrade a customer who does not have UCSS entitlement. It seems unlikely that a customer on CUCM6 would have already allowed their UCSS contract to lapse. If they still have UCSS you only need to place a PUT order for them and then add CUCM-USR SKUs for the additional users they are adding. Also be careful to pay attention to users vs. public space devices.

Your Partner Account Manager or supporting Customer SE can help you more interactively than this forum allows.

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