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CUCM 7.02 integration with AD (ldap filter)


     Hello everyone,

to be honest this is the first time ive had to post up here to get some help, normally someone has already posted what i need to know and i just follow that example, but unfortunatly not this time.

So i have 2 problems

1) our AD administrator uses an invalid phone number in the telephonenumber field from microsoft.  in the format of xxx/xxx-xxxx which of course imports into CUCM and corrupts my corporate directory.  So i have come up with a way to modify the field using the AXL tool kit (a rather simple query i ran actually but it is a bit of a pain in the butt since it will need to be done every time we sync with AD.

so my question on this one is, would it be possible to either auto run this script after every AD sync? or would it be possible to force the field to not accept the / and - and also apped 91 to the corporate directory?

2) our AD has a huge number of users in many OU's so i cannot filter based on OU at this time, i have to search the root and go from there.  the problem here is, i get alot of accounts that are system accounts or vendor accounts that have no phone number so of course these show up in the corporate directory (example everyone in tier 2 and up IT gets a usernam_admin account that has special permissions for logging into servers) so now if you search in the corporate directory you get username, and username_admin which is rather confusing.  of course the admin accoutns have no telephone information in the telephonenumber field.  I have found posts on how to adjust the ldap filter for ipphone information but when i try to change the field name to telephonenumber nothing happens, all the accounts stay active, and even after a resync nothing changes... so what am i doing wrong here?

any help on either or both of these issues would be greatly appreciated!!




Hey guys, just bumpin this back to the front page in hopes of getting some support.

Hi Anthony,

I know this was some time ago, but did you find a solution ? (I'm running in a similar problem)

Kind regards,


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