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We are looking for a recording solution compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 in Spain.

The required features are the following:

• Fault Tolerance: We need kind of redundancy. Normal practice would be a server in the central customer site and another server in the backup site.
• If the solution is Windows-based, it has to be a server version.
• If the solution uses hard drives, NAS, etc. to save the calls, we would have some connection with EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array), as this is replicated to the contingency site.
• Defined backup strategy. If you use EVA, the customer backup software would be available (and preferred)
• virtualization. A virtualizable solution would be really appreciated.

In summary, we need a solution that satisfy our requirements for high availability and integration with our available solutions (Cisco, VMWare, SAN, etc.) Could you please recommend us a solution????

Thank you very much.

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Christos Georgiadis

Hi Alicia,

Not sure if this will be help\ but here is a list of some 3rd party apps that are tested and proved to work with CUCM

Go here;jsessionid=1l96jlrub1.SJ3%20%20A?page=Application_Search

and search for rich media recording

Here is the list I got

ASC TELECOM AG - ASC MARATHON EVOip for Cisco, version
etalk Corporation - Qfiniti 1.0, Recorder 4.0
Magnetic North Software - Optimise, version 3.5
NICE SYSTEMS - NICE CEM with VoIP driver for TAPI integration CD-89-CT-CCM-CTM
NICE SYSTEMS - NICE CEM 8.8 with NiceCLS skinny VoIP driver CD-89-SN-CCM-SCCP
NICE SYSTEMS - NICE CEM version 8.9 with SKINNY integration driver CD-89-SN-CCM-SCCP
NICE SYSTEMS - NICE CEM, version 8.9 with TAPI integration driver CD-89-CT-CCM-CTM
NICE SYSTEMS - NICE CEM with TAPI integration driver CD-89-CT-CCM-CTM-IP
SPESCOM DATAVOICE - DataVoice IP Recorder, version 2.3 (Maintenance Release 2.8)
SPESCOM DATAVOICE - DataVoice IP Recorder v2.2
TC&C Telecommunication and Computer Technology - CARIN, version 2.0
Telrex - CallRex
Telrex - CallRex - IP Recorder
Verint - ULTRA Intelligent Recording
Verint - ULTRA
Witness Systems - Witness Contact Store IP v3.1
Witness Systems - Witness Systems eQuality Balance v5.20 and eQuality Interactive v5.20
Witness Systems - Witness Contact Store IP
Witness Systems - eQuality ContactStore IP 7.1
Witness Systems - eQuality ContactStore IP v7.3
Witness Systems - eQuality ContactStore IP v7.2
ZOOM International - ZOOM CallREC

The above apps either they passed the testing phase, or testing is still in progress.

Never tried any of them so I don't know if they meet your requirements.

Hope it helps a bit,


James Hawkins

Hi Alicia,

Check out SmartRecord from CTI Group

It supports virtualisation and uses web based clients so is very flexible.


Hi Alicia,

Have you considered a CyberTech Recording Solution?

We have recording solutions that are certified by Cisco and are

  • Fault Tolerance: we are the 3rd largest recording vendor for the financial industry because of our reliable recording systems
  • Windows-based and Web-based: the Servers runs with W2003/W2008 and the workstation only need a browser for access, with no lincese fees per user
  • Many standard archiving possibilities: including NAS/SAN, EMC, DVD, etc.
  • Virtualization ready.

For more information, look at

Best regards,

Arno Sybrandy

CyberTech International


Hi Alicia,

without spamming this great community I'd like to point you in the direction of ZOOM CallREC as solution for Cisco Call Recording as listed above. It is part of the ZOOM QM Suite that provides next to call recording on Cisco also screen recording, live monitoring and quality management (for contact centers) Rest assured that it is tested Cisco compatible and we are part of the Cisco Developer Network.

I think the website and brochure should answer most questions but maybe it's an idea to let the product speak for itself and try a VMware appliance based trial for 30 days?

Let me know if you'd have any questions !

ZOOM International

David Ruzius

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