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CUCM 8.5(1) bootable medium check failed

Minh Tran Dinh

Hi everybody,

i just wanted to check with you if anybody else has already received a bootable DVD Media of Version. and had done a media check.

I now received 3 of them in 2 different orders and everytime media check fails.

Installation runs fine and it's not prompting any errors besides this one and DVD's can't be replaced through RMA according TAC Case which i opened.

I'm looking forward for your responses.

Kind regards


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hi minh..

same here..

two different orders..two media..

two times media check failed..



Did you guys resolve that issue?

Guys, don't worry about it, I have also run into this with a couple of new media sets with CallManager and Presence. Someone probably forgot to update checksum_file.sgn file in the root of the DVD. If you actually install it, it will install fine. You should probably test installation on a VMware Workstation or Fusion first.

On a different note, when will PUT team finally run out of the French version of the DVDs and start sending English ones again

I tried to install without media check then the installation hang at the last step. Basically Installation failed.

Then your media is definitely bad. Download CUCM 8.5 from CCO and make it bootable. This trick only works for CUCM, UCONN and Presense, but not for UCCX.

The last steps takes a little longer with 8.5 instead of former versions.

So keep on waiting otherwise as already told new bootable DVD with the procedure described in the UC Corner blog

Hey everybody,

i will reopen my SR about this and see what will happen.

Thanks for your feedback that i'm not the only one. As we all saw that the installation still runs fine it's just only cosmetics.


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