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cucm 8.5 bulk edit extension numbers.

Amit Singh2000

Hi guys

We have a customer who is moving from 4 digit extension to a 6 digit plan. I have phones registered to call manager with 4 digit number already.

What is the best way to update the extension numbers to adhere new dial plan.

Can anyone share the ideas please.

I was trying to export the config. Update it. And import it. But what I have noticed is that in the export config directory number option doesn't even exists.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Aaron,

Would your code work on CUCM v 10.5 please?

Hi Aaron,

it seems that there are some differences to CUCM version 10.x. I can get a connect to the database and get the output "processing..." and later "ERROR: Directory Number not found". in the csv-file i have


There is a DN 1234 in the partition "mypartition" which I want to change to 491234.

Do you have an idea?

Thx in advance.

kind rgds


Hi Aaron,

This does not work for 10.5. do you have an updates version? is this utility available commercially / paid version that supports 10.5?


I can certainly make something available for you on that basis if you like.

PM me if interested..



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Hello Aaron,

Were you able to make one for 10.5 version?


Yaman Verma

Hey Aaron

Great tool, thank you for sharing. 

Did you ever make a version for 10.5? if so, can you share it?

Best regards

Allan Mancera

Hi everybody,

Did already a version of this tool AXL to version 11.5? I´m trying the upload in this forum but I get the error: ERROR: Directory Number not found

I would appreciated if there a tool for this version of CUCM.

Hi Aaron,


First of all thank you for the tool. I am wondering whether you have an update for CUCM 10.5 or later. It says Directory Number not found.


Thank you in advanced,


Hi Aaron,

I know a bit of Perl. I would like to write 2 scripts in that language. One that takes an input csv file (like in your Java program but the values will be old partition, DN, new partition) and updates the partition on a DN to a new partition. The second script takes an input csv file with DNs, it finds all devices that have that DN as a line and reboots them. I am okay with running such scripts from a cli environment. Do you know if Perl can achieve these request? Two, what documentation can you point me to so that I can build such scripts. 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 


hi.. guys.. looks like many ppl been able to make this work.. can some one please suggets me the steps how to make this.. as i have 4 digits and becoz of series change i have to move to 5 digits now. can you guys please help me on this. i have cucm 6.1.3


Can this work for version 11? I'm getting a match to the DN but then a Bad response: 401Unauthorized



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