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Hi Net Pros,

Hope you can clarify something for me as I am chasing my own tail.

If you have a cluster that is set to security Mixed Mode, I am trying to understand the concept of authenticated, encrypted signalling and encrypted media?

From :

Cisco Unified Communications Manager maintains the  authentication and encryption status at the device level. If all  devices that are involved in the call register as secure, the call  status registers as secure. If one device registers as nonsecure, the  call registers as nonsecure, even if the phone of the caller or  recipient registers as secure.

There is also in the same security guide the term "protected".

I am so confused by the terms and also what impact does the Device Security Profile have on the IP phones. Do they over-ride the the device specific security setting in CAPF Information??

I got asked whether three end points (A, B and C) that have encrypted signalling can do the following:

When A calls B, the communication is encrypted?

When B calls C, the communcation is not encrypted?

For A to B, I believe it can but B to C is a mystery.

Some assistance or even a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Found this link which kinda sheds some light on the whole black box for me:

Apologies for the above ramble but it is hard to verbalise something when you do not understand it.

So if an authenticated device calls an encrypted device, I believe that the call signalling will be encrypted but the media won't. Is that correct?

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