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CUCM 8.6 w/ Exchange (2010 SP3) Unified Messaging

A little insight into the company first I guess.  I have a client who has approximately 40 locations.  Most of the sites use site-to-site VPN tunnels for communication purposes.  2 sites have point to point links with metro e to the corporate location.  The call manager is stored at the corporate HQ and which connects via a fiber line down to our data center where their virtual environment is maintained.  We recently had some changes in routing and VPN tunnels to point all traffic down the fiber to the data center and since traffic has been moved two of the sites voicemail has partially stopped working.  1 site with a VPN tunnel and 1 of the sites with a point to point.  When you call the main office if someone answers the phone you can communicate like normal with no issues.  If no one answers the phone will stop ringing after the alotted time set in call manager, but the voicemail greeting never plays.  Users can still login and listen to the voicemail after we leave a test one, but we do not hear the voicemail message.  This only happens on the main line to the site, if I call a users direct line I can leave a voicemail and hear their message.

That being said my question to you all is whether or not this lies on the call manager side or the Exchange side.  I personally believe that since we are able to leave a message and the users can listen to it it has to be on the Exchange side, but I'm not sure.  This network was inherited and I know very little about voice. 

On a side note when the call manager is routing calls to the voicemail server are they tagged in any certain way like a VLAN would be?  How does the voicemail server know where to route the call to?  This part is just for personal gain and can be ignored if you want.  Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

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Sounds like you are blocking

Sounds like you are blocking RTP traffic coming in from the data center. If CUCM is at the same data center try testing with unicast MOH to see if that makes it to the phones, that will confirm that the RTP traffic is blocked from all devices in data center. If that works then it may still be blocked selectivly if Exchange server in on different VLAN, etc.


The CUCM is located in a

The CUCM is located in a different building than the data center.  They are separated by about 120 miles.  Would you have any other ideas?  I appreciate the advice.

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