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CUCM 8 and Tandberg E20

Adnan Kolakovic

Hi All,

I have tried and tried to register my E20 to the CUCM8.0(3) as a third-party SIP device (advanced) with no luck.

Does anyone have step-by-step for it.

I have configured end-user with username 1000 and digest password 12345

Configured the new device as 3rd party SIP advanced

     enabled digest in the device profile

     selected the previously created user as digest user

     used Standard SIP Profile for the SIP profile

On the E20, I've configured the SIP Profile 1 with

     Proxy 1 - IP Address of the CUCM8

     Authentication username - 1000

     Password - 12345

     URI - 1000 (i tried 1000@ip_address_cucm)

And I can not get it to work. Can anyone help with this please. Can you see any issues with my configuration. Thanks


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Accepted Solutions

Steven Griffin


I recently had to setup a Mitel 5224 SIP phone on CUCM 8.5.  Here are steps I went through to make it work.

Procedure for setting up a Third Party SIP device with CUCM (Mitel 5224 in this case):

CUCM one-time setup:

1. Create a SIP Profile for the third-party SIP phone which is a copy of the Standard SIP Profile

2. Create a copy of the Advanced SIP Phone Security Profile for the third-party SIP phone and check the Digest Authentication box

CUCM setup per-phone:

1.       Create the SIP Phone in CUCM as an Basic or Advanced SIP Device

( Basic requires 3 DLU's gives you 1 line. Advanced  requires 6 DLU's and gives you up to 8 lines with video)

a.       Use the SIP Profile and Security Profile you created earlier

b.      Set the phone's digest user to the end-user of the phone

c.       Create a line for the phone and note the extension

2. Find the end-user you want assigned to a phone in CUCM

a.       Set their Digest Credentials (this can be bulk assigned to be the same password for all users but is a security risk)

b.      Associate the phone with the end-user normally

Third-party SIP phone setup per-phone (This is specific to a Mitel 5224 so do whatever is necessary for your phone):

  1. Boot phone while pressing the *superkey* (Blue button)
  2. Use the buttons on the phone to set it into SIP mode and phone will reboot
  3. Find Phone's IP address and login to phone admin page  (u: admin p: 5224)
  4. Select the Quick Start link on the left

a.       User ID is the extension in Call Manager

b.      User Display name is how you want the phone to display the number/user

c.       SIP Authentication User and Password are the end-user's username and SIP Digest password in CUCM

d.      SIP Proxy server is the CUCM IP address

e.      SIP Registry server is the CUCM IP address

f.        Press Apply

From what I read above perhaps your security profile isn't setup correctly?  Alternatively, if the Tandberg device doesn't distinguish between the phone username and the authentication username then then the end-user's name in CUCM must also be the extension number. If it does distingush between them you can use the phone username as the extension (do not use the @) and the authentication username as the end-user's username.

Hope this helps.


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Christos Georgiadis

Hi Adnan,

Do you think you can send some detailed callmanager traces from one such registration attempt ?

I may be able to tell you what is wrong.




Hi Adnan,

were you ever able to make it work? I am having same issue?


Not a lot of useful info.

I have tried to get an e20 going on my CUCM 8 also without any success.

The debugs don't show much of anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions to this?

I configured mine for a URI of XXX@IP address

with a username and password that matches a userid in CUCM

and a proxy address of the CUCM

ON the CUCM, I have tried an advanced as well as a basic SIP device.

I have associated the end user to the device.

I can not get this e20 to register at all.

I don't seem to be the only one with this issue

Did you select the digest user to be the same as end user under phone configuration page?