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CUCM 9.1.1 platform change, MCS to UCS C220M3

stein-ola berg
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Level 1

Hello all

I am facing technical difficulties when attempting restore of a cluster, the backup I am trying to restore is from a CUCM/IMP 9.1 cluster running on MCS,

this installation is to be moved to new UCS servers

The MCS and USC clusters both have identical hostnames, IP addresses, security passwords, and OS/CM accounts

nevertheless, the "tar file list" inside restore wizard is empty... I have now given up restoring the normal way, and have decided to move Users, Phones, and configurations manually.  TAC has been trying to make it work too, but no luck..

So my questions are:

- Have anyone seen any documentation on this? how-to guide on migration without backup and restore?

- anyone in here done this before?  I have only done normal migrations with backup and restore after new naked cluster is setup

- in what order should I transfer/copy configuration? (in CM administraiton webpage, Bulk administration - import/export - export)

- what must be setup on new cluster before I start to export/import configurations?

All help is appreciated on this

I need help with the manual part of the procedure, the non working restore is not what I ask about now 

Thanks very much for your time!  :-)

best regards


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The question here is why is the DRS process not working for you, did you perform the backup and the exact same version you are attempting to restore?

As to doing the "restore" manually your option is to utilize BAT Export/Import feature.



Hi Chris

I have not been able to work out why the DRS process isnt working for me, neither have cisco TAC

they have been at it for one month but no results so far, this is why I have given up and are going for BAT export/import feature.

Same version on both clusters, CUCM, and IMP/CUPS, I will try to attach screenshots of cucm and cups/imp versions, from administration login webpage

Any help on why DRS isnt working is appreciated

we have earlier checked which components are registered with DRS, but even though we corrected mismatches here the backup still will not show up in the "tar file list"

restore wizard says its "ready" and not, "tar file not found" like it would if there was no backup present.

so it seems like DRS finds the backup to restore, but something is blocking it to show in the dropdown menu.

have testet several browsers and different laptops to rule out that possibility

Hi Stein,

I was just looking in the bugs related to your problem:

DRS screen does not work on Chrome Mac


On Google Chrome browser, the menubar items Backup/Restore/Help are not working for DRS UI pages. When mouse is taken over the menubar items, the drop down list does not get displayed and clicking on the menubar items does nothing.

1. Use Google Chrome browser.
2. None of the Backup/Restore/Help pull down options working.

Use IE/Firefox browser. There everything is working fine.

Did u try changing browser?



Hello and thanks for your reply  :-)

I have tested IE, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, also tested with two different PCs, still the same symptom for all so this is not related to that bug

however, I did come across the problem you mention a few weeks ago, switching browsers sorted that.

Best regards


Hi Stein,

DO u get the TAR file[backup taken]  in drop down menu  when CUCM is running on MCS while doing restore on MCS [for testing purpose]?



Hi again

Yes I do, the backup is showing when attempting restore on MCS, has been tested before  :-)

Hi Stein,

Are u sure u are using correct version of CUCM considering restricted or unrestricted on UCS?



Level 1
Level 1

I would check that the VM does not have snapshots configured and if possible,  restart master and local drs services and take a new manual backup on the MCS and try with that one in case something got corrupted in the first one

Sebastian Fernández

mohsin majeed
Level 2
Level 2

Hi Stein,

I am working on the same scenario in the live environment as you are talking about where our customer running 6.1 and want to shift to version 9.x. By going thorough different documnets and forums i come to know that migration would not be easy so i decided to go for Setting up the CUCM as manual and Parallel without disturbing the existing setup. Now i performed everything within 2 days.

Step to do:

1- Keep your new CUCM Pub, Sub, Unity connection on different IPs, but on the same subnet so you will be able to do Parallel setup without disturbing old CUCM.

2- Open your browsers for your existing and new cucm and start configuring everything. Server, Group, Region, Device Pool, Route Pattern, PT and CSS, Gateways, everything etc..... Other than Phones and users.

3- If your existing CUCM is also working as DHCP server then don't configure your new CUCM server as DHCP server. According to my knowledge as i am not Routing Guy; you can't configure two DHCP Servers on the same subnet. In this case Prepare your new CUCM for all the configurations other than DHCP. When you will complete the whole configuration after that you can Apply the same DHCP setting to new CUCM. But dont forget to disconnect your old server from your network either by deactivating the Call Manager or DHCP service or plugging out the cable from network.

4- Now it is time to move your phones and users to new setup. Tip is that Download the Export users and Phones, or you can also generate a report of users and phones from the Bulk Administration--> Phones --> Generate Report  or  Export Phones, same as users. This will be exported or generated in .txt file. Save files to your computer.

5- Here is the point you must be aware of Excel. I used excel 2007 to avoid issues. Open this .txt file in excel and follow: Pic are also uploaded as reference

     - select the Delimited radio button --> Next

     - select Tab and Comma check boxes -->

     - Here you will be able to convert text format into excel.

Sort your Phones according to models in excel

Prepare seperate sheets of different models in excel.

Now you can Generate CSV file through .xlt file. based on the excel data.

This is what i did to shift from 6.1 to 9.x, It is just an idea. Pleasure for me if it helps you.

Mohsin Majeed

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