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CUCM - adding CUC or CUE, what licences??

Hi all,


Firstly sorry to ask what is probably a stupid question, but I just cannot find this answer out after days of searching (and our partner doesnt seem to know either).


We currently have CUCM 10.5.2 but use Exchange UM for our Voicemail. For various reasons we need to move away from this. We currently have no CUE or CUC installation.


Our existing licences on LM are all "Enhanced (10.x) - Unified CM"

In order to install and use either CUC or CUE, does the above licencing cover us for basic voicemail usage? I just dont seem to be able to find an answer. If not, what "uplift" part code do we need?


We need approx 250 mailboxes - is CUC or CUE the best way to go ?


What other licencing do we need?


Sorry for the really high level questions...would really appreciate any guidance.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I don't believe there's a way anyone can answer that questions without looking at exactly what you bought, CUC licensing is an optional add-on for enhanced and enhanced plus CUCM licenses.


Given you were not using CUC, I'd assume they were not bought and you only bought CUCM licenses.

There's no associated licensing for CUE with CUCM, you definitely need to order those.


If you're working with a partner with UC specializations, they really should be able to provide you with all that information and recommend the voicemail product that fits your needs and requirements.

If they don't have a UC specialization, I strongly suggest you engage with a partner that does.



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Jaime, thanks very much for your response.


I guess to broaden my question - I cant find any information on what part codes are needed to order in order to add CUC to our CUCM deployment. I believe there is a step up licence to convert our CUCL licences to CUWL which would fit the "user" gap, but I cant find anything on the CUC and voicemail components itself, or indeed if this would be the most cost effective approach for us. Given the difficulty of finding information on this (i.e. a "retrofitted" voicemail solution) I dont even know if I have got the above correct!


You are correct in that we only bought CUCM licences - so really my question is what options are available to us to add voicemail onto a "standalone" CUCM 10.x, and what licences do we need to seek to purchase in these options.


Re: Partner - I couldnt agree more. Unfortunately we have the partner we have and are contractually obligated to them so I dont have any real wriggle room on this front.

If you have a requirement for 250 mailboxes only and nothing else, you can look into CUE. If there are some specific features that you want to use, then CUC would be required. Here is a feature comparison -

Nipun Singh Raghav
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