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Cucm after hours message

Hi all.
Is it possible to make CUCM play a message like "sorry we are closed", after hours without CUC?
Thank you.


Accepted Solutions

If you think about this for a short period of time is that not a given? You want to send the call to the directory number that the operator have, what good would it be to have the transfer rule set to Greeting? You would need to have the correct configuration for the extension on the call handler and the transfer rule should be set to send the call to the Extension, as that is what directory numbers are called in Unity.
Independent upon the integration type you have for CUC the CSS used on either the SIP trunk or SCCP ports need visibility of the directory number(s) you send the calls to.

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

Not natively, there need to be something that plays the message. However it does not need to be CUC, anything that can play a sound media could be used.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advocate

Just with CUCM you wont be,  Need a CUC to play the message.



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Thank you for your replies. I find it annoying that I need another server just to play a single small message. CUCM must be able to do this simple task on its own in the future.

Hi all.

I now have unity connection installed and integrated with cucm. Please advise on high level steps required to play "after hours message".

If you could walk me through your exact situation you want to happen that would help.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this but the easiest way would be set the call to call forward no answer to voicemail on the directory number.

Then set up a system call handler or user voicemail with a schedule and then set the open and closed greeting accordingly.



I would like all incoming calls to go to the operator during the day and an office closed message to play after hours and during the weekend and hangup calls only. Auto-attendant is not required.

Yes so the system call handler approach will be the way you want to go.

Just configure the system call handler with closed greeting and a standard greeting just incase someone gets it during the day. 



Please provide a bit more steps


Thanks for the link. Is there an example that does not a press1 for this and 2 for that? I have gone through auto-attendants and they are throwing me off.

Just exclude the Caller Input part on the setup of the call handler.

What you need is a call handler that has a schedule to control open or closed hours. On the CH you define a Standard greeting to be used during open hours, this could be set to not play any message if that's what you want. For the after greetings action you set that to transfer the call to the operator extension. For the closed hours part you would use the Closed greeting and define that to play the message you want and have an after greeting action to hang up the call.

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For open hours I don't want it to play anything. I want it to transfer to the operator straight away without any greeting. How do I route calls from cucm to the call handler.

Simplest way is to setup a CTI RP that have the main number as it’s directory number and set it to forward all calls to VM. As you do not have a need to play any greeting in open hours set the Standard greeting to the option to not play any message.

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On Edit Greeting (Standard) I have put the following:
Status - Greeting enabled with no end date and time
Callers hear - nothing
During Greeting - no check marks
After Greeting - Call Handler - Operator - Attempt Transfer

When I dial in I get "Sorry Operator not Available Please Leave Your Message After The Tone"

I expect the call to go the operator as the operator is available. What am I doing wrong?

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