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Cucm after hours message

Hi all.
Is it possible to make CUCM play a message like "sorry we are closed", after hours without CUC?
Thank you.


The operator CH is a generic call handler that always exists in CUC. I would recommend you to not use this and create a new call handler for the transfer to your operator. On it you define transfer rule settings on the operator CH.
If you have multiple sites and want different destinations for the transfer it's advisable to create your own call handlers for the operator at each site.

For more information about call handlers please see this link

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Thank you for the response.
Must my Transfer Rule - Transfer Action - Transfer Calls To: Greeting or Extension (Operator)?
I see you highlighted Greeting in your screenshot.

I highlighted the transfer section, not specifically the greeting.

I advise you read up on this or seek help from a reputable system integrator as it’s quite clear that at the moment you are way out of your area of knowledge.

To be fair it’s not really expected that you could expect to get the level of help that you require on this forum, you would need to have some basic level of understanding of the topic at hand for us to give you help.

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Must my Transfer Rule - Transfer Action - Transfer Calls To: Greeting or Extension (Operator)?

I swear if you answer this it will be the last help that I need. We all start from somewhere. It not necessarily that I'm not skilled.

If you think about this for a short period of time is that not a given? You want to send the call to the directory number that the operator have, what good would it be to have the transfer rule set to Greeting? You would need to have the correct configuration for the extension on the call handler and the transfer rule should be set to send the call to the Extension, as that is what directory numbers are called in Unity.
Independent upon the integration type you have for CUC the CSS used on either the SIP trunk or SCCP ports need visibility of the directory number(s) you send the calls to.

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View solution in original post

We normally configure a receptionist voicemail account with mailbox, and configure the greetings there.  One reason is that it's easier to re-record those greetings from a phone, so we can get the end users to do that with their preferred messages.

I just use the call handler to determine whether the call should go straight to voicemail, or should ring the extension first.

In the call handler under Standard Greeting set ..

Callers Hear - Nothing
After Greeting - Select "User with Mailbox" (select your receptionist account here)

Select "Attempt Transfer"

Closed Greeting ..

All exactly the same except the last step, select "Go directly to greeting"

Make sure the mailbox and the call handler use the same schedule. 



k you all for assisting. I got it working perfectly.

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