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CUCM Alert : System is operating with insufficient licenses



Please i need help for below alert message, AM very new to CUCM.

Please find the attach snapshots for alert message.


From some days alerts msg pop ups once login to CUCM-PUB


The system is operating with an insufficient number of licenses. If additional licenses to cover the shortage are not configured in your Cisco Prime License Manager within 12 days, you will no longer be able to provision users and devices.


Please help me how to solve the issue.


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Thank You Nithin & Jaime for Kind support

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

You need additional 10 Basic and 2 essential license to cover the number of devices installed in CUCM.You have 12 more days to resolve it, if you fail you cannot make any changes on the devices. if you remove the additional device, your warning will go. 

once u get the license you can add these devices back to CUCM.


These kind of license issue will also arise when u don't associate the owner-ID with a device.  if a user use multiple device without owner ID,  the CUCM will count individual device license and won't use the Enhanced plus or CUWL license.

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Hi Nithin,

Thank you for your support

Please find the attach snapshots,

suppose i want to remove unregistered IP phone or Status showing NONE devices it will help me to overcome licenses issues.


or i have to remove the registered IP phones only until i purchase the licenses.

Owenr-ID is very much important for the proper  utilization of License. in your case, you created jabber. may be you created the jabber  for the same person who use desk phone. if you don't associate the owner-ID CUCM will consume license for both desk device(based on the models) and enhanced license for a Jabber. in that case your CUWL license will be unused. and the license requirement will be met by borrowing from upper tier.


as a workaround you can remove the devices which are showing none as there are not register with the CUCM. once you associated the owner-ID and make license utilization proper  or adding  the required  licenses,  you can add it back. make a note of the devices Mac which you are removing. 

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Devices consume licenses the moment they're configured, doesn't matter if they're registered or not, or if they never register. Similarly, you free up licenses the moment you delete a device.

Might want to reach out to a reputable consultant to get some assistance understanding how to handle this in the future and look at your configuration to see if licenses are being used properly with your current configuration or not.



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Hi jaime

Still am confused , If i delete the unregistered IP Phone or NoNE status IP phones the licenses will free right??

I believe by deleting Unregistered phones my problem will solve.




if you delete  a phone  in CUCM, it will free up the license. irrespective of their registration status. 

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Thank You Nithin & Jaime for Kind support

Hi Jaime,


Can we purchase new basic or enhanced licenses for CUCM 11.5 ?

You can only go with flex license. Named user access and enhanced. Select version 11. 


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Thanks Nithin

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