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CUCM and Cisco Unity - Shared voicemail access



I have come across a scenario and would like to have some opinion to fix this;

- Team currently has a webexcc queue.

- They dun want that queue anymore and would like that number to directly go to a voicemail where the caller can leave the details

- Then someone can access those voicemails and call back 

- they want to have different voice messages during working hours and out of hours 

- The callers and called party, both are internal users.

What are the possible solutions for this scenario? 

The solution I have in mind is to configure a call handler, assign it a schedule for working hours and then upload the standard and off-hours greeting. But how can I best deal the access to those voicemails, so the team members can listen to the VM's left?
Can CTI route point be of any help here?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your help !!!

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For the shared access:


Instead of a callhandler, you could add a normal enduser and give the people access (username and password of the enduser) to the enduser webpage (I think it was https://<ip-unity>/inbox, I never remember that^^) of unity.

The people then can edit the voicemails and listen / download them from there.


You could also set an email address in the callhandler / end user, to where the voicemails should be sent.

If you sent the email to a group email, then also everyone with access to that, is able to see, which voicemail was already edited.


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Thanks for replying.

I wouldn't want to create a local username and password. 



just double checked the configuration of a callhandler. And as I wrongly wrote in my last post, the option to forward the voicemail via email is not there for a callhandler.

So, both described scenarios only work with an enduser.


May I ask why you don't want to just add a local enduser?


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How about if a create CTI route point and assign it an extension, and then forward that extension to unity. There is always something similar setup like this. But i am unsure how would someone listen to voicemails in that case. 


That would clarify, how the call gets routed to unity, but wouldn't solve your voicemail access problem.

For access: You could also set the directory numbers of the workers as alternate extension in unity. So, when they call into unity, they are routed to that voicemail and can edit it. But this again only works for the end user, and not for the call handler.

Roger Kallberg
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This should get you along the way on this, even if it is for a hunt pilot in CM the overall configuration would be similar.

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