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CUCM and CUPS version compatibility

Dennis Mink

Like to see if anyone has any ideas and references on this.

I have a CUPS/CUCM integration running (so both CUPS and CUCM run the exact same version).

I am planning on upgradding cucm to 10.5.2.SU4 (latest in the 10.5.2 train)  and CUPS to 10.5.2.SU2a. (latest in the 10.5.2 train).

 Now, Cisco states that both CUCM and CUPS should run the same versions. I am assuming this means both will need to run the same train (10.5.2).  

  i.e. the engineering specials above are compatible?


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2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Jitender Bhandari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Dennis,

You are absolutely correct when you say that, so if you are running CUCM version 10.5.2.X you only need to match the main release CUPS can running 10.5.2.X.


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Dennis,

You and JB are right on the money here!(+5) Thought I'd just add a reference;

How to determine IM&P and CUCM compatibility??

Starting with releases 9.x there is no longer a mix and match between CUCM and IM&P, they need to be aligned in the same major release.
For the most part, CUCM and IM&P need to be on the same X.Y level, for example:

  • CUCM
  • IM&P

They both match at the 9.1 level and are compatible, even if they are not in the same MR, as long as they keep in 9.1, they will be compatible.

At this time, the only release that breaks the rule is 10.5(2):

IM and Presence Service and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Upgrade to 10.5(2)
IM and Presence Service Release 10.5(2) is compatible only with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 10.5(2).

Which as you can see, needs to match at the X.Y(Z) level, always make sure to review the Release Notes for the product before upgrading or installing to make take into account any special considerations like the above.




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