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CUCM and UC540 in one demo environment; TFTP issues


As a demo environment for our customers, we run both a UC540 and a CUCM8. We would like to use the same phones for this, since it's just a demo environment it's useless to have 5 phones for each setup; they are unused 99% of the week.

Now the idea was to just change the TFTP server in the option 150 in the voice DHCP pool. Whenever I need to switch systems, I'll just change this field, reset the phones and voila they register on the right server. This works perfectly well, except for one thing: Extension Mobility doesn't work on the phones connected to the UC540. I get the error "No Services Configured".

Now when I take a look at the phone's Unified CM Configuration settings (Settings -> Device Config -> Unified CM Config), I see this:

Unified CM1

Unified CM2 TFTP Active.

When I press select, I see that the Unified CM1 has the name of the CUCM server and the Unified CM2 has the IP of the UC540. This is a phone that's connected to the UC540; the CUCM server even is totally shut down for this test. The phone is registered perfectly in the UC540 environment, so TFTP setting are all good. But still the phone remembered the CUCM server and even put this one up as primary server.

The way to solve my issue, is to reset the phone to factory defaults. After I do this, the phone registers with the UC540 again and now the UC is the first configured Unified CM server. Whenever I connect the phone to the CUCM server, the CUCM becomes the first server again as expected. However, when I make the UC540 the default TFTP server again, the CUCM just stays the primary Unified CM server.

Is there a way to configure the UC540 so that it will configure itself as the primary Unified CM server instead of as the secondary server?

Ruud van Strijp


CUCM and UC540 in one demo environment; TFTP issues

For your information, I've found a solution to this problem. The problem is the CTL/ITL file, found under Settings -> Security Configuration -> Trust List on a 7961 phone. Unlock your phone (**#), press Select, more and then Erase. Now the phone will boot up using the right CallManager.