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CUCM Auto-Registration

Michael Schmidt
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Level 1



we are working with Auto-Registration at the IP-Phones.


We have 1 PUB and 2 SUB in two different locations and also 2 CM-Groups / device pools for the two locations.


When we configure phones manually to device pool 1 then the phones register at SUB1. When we configure the phones toe device pool 2 the phones register to SUB2.


The problem with Auto-Registration is that we can`t automatically configure the correct device pool to the phones rgd. the IP-address of the phones.


We already tried to solve the problem with device mobility group but the device pool still is configured to the same device pool as configured due to the universal device template during Auto-Registration.


How can we reconfigure automatically due to the IP-address of the IP-phones these settings?


- Device Pool for Location 1 or 2

- Common Device Config for Location 1 or 2

- CSS for Location 1 or 2

- AAR CSS for Location 1 or 2

- Location for Location 1 or 2

- IP Phone Service for Location 1 or 2




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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Michael,

Please check the following post

Also, the autoregistration configuration checklist mentions the following as one of the required steps

"Reconfigure the autoregistered devices and assign them to their permanent device pools"



Hi Manish,

I checked both links but can`t find a solution for this problem.

Jaime wrote 5 years ago this answer

You can't. CUCM doesn't know (and doesn't care) where the ip phones are or what's their IP for auto-reg.

You need to keep doing it as you're, let them auto-register and then change as needed.

So asked him in the first link if there is still no solution for this issue.

You also don`t know if there is a solution for this problem?



Hi Johnny,

The limitation with device pool still remains, even in version 11.x, plz check page 7 of the following link


Hi Manish,

if I read this correctly there is no option to change the device pool automatically.

But another question.

In the CM-Group in which Auto-Reg is enabled we`re using this order of CM servers:

1 = SUB1

2 = SUB2

3 = PUB

When I configure / enable Auto-Reg at SUB1 for DN 9991000-9991499 and also at SUB2 for DN 9991500-9991999 and using DHCP option in location 1 to SUB1 and in location 2 to SUB2 all the phones in both locations will using Auto-Reg from SUB1.

Can I set phones in location 2 to use Auto-Reg option from SUB2 instead of SUB1?

Then I could set different universal device templates to SUB1 and SUB2.



Hi Michael,

What you are suggesting is technically possible and should work, however plz be aware of the following caveat while using such a setup:

"Auto registration can be configured on multiple servers, but! Only one group of servers may be available for auto registration. If the group consists of several servers with enabled auto registration, then keep in mind that an automatic transition to a different server will not be set if there's no range of DN-s. For example, there are two servers - cucm1 with DN server for auto registration from 1000 to 1049 and cucm2 with DN from 1050 to 1099. If cucm1 will be listed as the primary cucm server, then phones will be registered on it. Once the phone with DN 1049 will be registered, then next phone will receive Reject. To register phones on cucm2, they need to specify it as the primary cucm. Therefore it is better to configure the auto registration on the one server only."


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Hi Manish,

this I already know and there is still a manually doing to change the order of SUB1 and SUB2 in the CM Group.

So there is no automatically chance to auto-register phones in location 1 to SUB1 with a universal template from location 1 and alls phones in location 2 to SUB2 with a universal template from location 2?