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Justin Westover

CUCM Call Routing

We have several sites with different device pools for each location and I'm messing around with the system trying to get my phone at location x to send to the voice gateway at location y. My phone is configured in the CSS for location x and the line settings are standard across all sites. I also setup my phone in location x device pool and location. The problem I'm seeing is that no matter what changes I make, the calls are routed to location y gateway. 

The location x CSS contains partitions where those partitions are associated with route-patterns where those patterns are associated with a route-list that is configured with the location x gateway. But the calls on my phone that is physically at location y but configured as if it was at location x (except for IP on the phone) still uses the location y gateway and matches the location y route-pattern and route-list. The partitions in the CSS i have on the phone aren't even within the CSS so I'm just confused as to why the call would match a partition that isn't contained within the CSS on the device or the line? Thoughts? What am I missing here?  

George Thomas

It might be configured for device mobility. Check the device and turn off device mobility on the phone configuration page to force the phone to use the CSS specified rather than route calls based on device mobility with IP subnets.

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Hi Justin.

+5 to George for poiting you on the right way,

Another thing you can check, if Local Route Group have been configured under device pool section.

That will send all calls to local gateway based on configured device pool on IP Phones








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So device mobo was enabled on the phone so I disabled that but still the call is directed to the local site voice gateway. The phone CSS is configured with three partitions... one of the partitions don't have any route-patterns associated to it, the other is internal, and then All-offnet. The Internal partition is just that and all phones throughout the enterprise are placed into that partition. The All-offnet partition has two route-patterns that would match for this call...

9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX which points to the LD-DataCenter-RL which uses our datacenter gateway first

9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX which points to the LD-VA-RL which uses the local gateway first

The patterns above are in order so I would expect the call to route out towards the LD-DataCenter-RL but instead it's using the LD-VA-RL. 

The second route-pattern listed above that routes to LD-VA-RL is in the partition HQ-Offnet which isn't in the CSS for the phone or the line that I'm making the call from???

The first route-pattern listed above is in the All-offnet partition which is in the CSS of the phone and again this is the pattern I would expect to match and route out towards the LD-DataCenter-RL. 

Again, I disabled mobo and the local route group is not part of these route groups. We don't use the local route group until we send out 911 calls. Thoughts? 

Can you run dialed number analyzer on the phone?

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Just ran this on the phone and it routes the call where I would expect it to... to the LD-DataCenter-RL and it matches the pattern that I would expect it to. However, the call is still being directed to the local gateway when I actually make the call. I'm looking at the voice gateway issuing a "show voice call status" and I see the call on the local gateway instead of the gateway first in the list of LD-DataCenter-RL which is the datacenter gateway. Doing a "show voice call status" on the datacenter gateway I never see that call. Ideas? 

What do you have RG under the LD-DataCenter-RL? Is it pointing to the correct local gateway? Can you post a screenshot of DNA?

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The LD-DataCenter-RL includes two gateways and then the local route group. 

The first is DC-RL which points to

The second is HQ-RL which points to 

The third is standard local route group 


The call is being routed to HQ-RL instead of DC-RL. 

Is that gateway up? Is it a SIP/H323/MGCP? Are they registered? Do you have other calls going to

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The gateways don't register but yes the gateway is online and there are other calls actively going through that gateway. In fact there are 8 calls on it now and there are 2 PRIs on that gateway so we have plenty of room for additional calls. Could it be that the gateway is getting the call and sending it back to CUCM then CUCM is sending it to the HQ gateway? 

Potentially, is it a SIP trunk to the gateway or H323? Can you get a debug voip ccapi inout from the gateway and post it here? If theres nothing conclusive there, we might have to look at CUCM logs to see whats going on.

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I did the debug on the DC gateway and it never sees the call, the call goes straight to the HQ gateway even though that gateway is second in the route list for the pattern that's matched. I did the same debug on the HQ gateway and I saw the call immediately...

Ok, i think time to look at CUCM logs. If you can post it here great, else please open a TAC case.

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I've never done that, how can I do this? Do I need the real time analyzer tool? 

Yes, you will need to download RTMT.

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