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CUCM callforward to Exchange - RTP stream gets recorded and delivered to inbox.


I have an interesting scenario I am working on.

Call is between a cell phone user, internal IP phone on CUCM 8.6, and Exchange (unified messaging).


A call was placed from a cell phone to internal ip phone which had call forward to voicemail enabled. The call was setup between the cell phone and the IP phone, but the call was also recorded via exchange.  The exchange server sent the recording to the internal users inbox with the calling party of the cell phone. The message that was recorded included the conversation(RTP stream) between the cell phone and the internal user. What is more interesting is the recording actually plays the ringback so you can hear the call being placed before the two parties begin to converse.


Cell Phone>PSTN>Gateway>MGCP>CM>DN>callforward>Vm Pilot>SIP Trunk>Exchange>message recorded (hear ringing and the entire conversation between internal and external user) and delivered to users inbox.


I dont know how recording the RTP audio stream is even possible. Anyone have any insight into this?

VIP Advisor

Cisco phones have a built in bridge, which allows them to fork a call and send the "second" call to a recording server (based on the recording profile on the phone normally) and in your case through the SIP trunk to you  Exchange server.



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Hi Dennis:

thanks for your response. We do actually use Calabrio for call recording. Even though the default for phone configuration enables the BIB, call recording option is disabled by default and the profile is set to none particularly on this phone.

What is weird though is the ringback of the call is being recorded similar to if you were spying on someone and started a recording session before they even picked up the phone.



I hate to say it, but I cant think of a plausible explanation for this. Curious to see what others have to say.  the call forward to voice mail that you mentioned in your original post, is that a call forward all?  

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I cannot say with 100% certainty because the user changed their configuration.  I can only assume it was that or one of the other call forward behaviours used. I used the CDR to determine the call type as forward, but the options available are:

cfb internal

cfb external

cfna internal

cfna external


The other interesting thing is when i run cm traces, there is no trace of this call whatsoever. I cannot see SCCP, or SIP traces of this call from CM.

im baffled.




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