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CUCM CDR Missed Calls and IP phone Missed Calls logs difference


I am working on CUCM 10.6. We are having an issue here, missed calls found in CUCM CDR analysis are way higher than the missed calls logs we found on IP phones for a shared extension. Do those missed call logs on IP phones retrieve missed calls from some other source ?

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Muhammad,

Can you provide some more details for a specific DN like:

How many phones have this shared line DN configured?

What is the exact number that you see on the phones and in CDR?

Did you notice this recently or was it working differently earlier?

You can also create a test DN and assign it to a couple of phones and make a few test calls and then compare the behavior with the existing shared lines in CDR and phone reports for missed calls.



Hi Manish

Its an IT help desk DN and shared by 7 IP phones. Each IP phone has configured with Busy trigger of "2" calls. This is the first time I saw this issue. I tested it with some test calls and it is fine so far but the number of missed calls i tried are quite lesser so this might be the reason so far the CDR missed calls record are matching with missed calls directory of IP phones.

But for yesterday missed calls in CDR are around 18 but in IP phones its only showing 7 missed calls.

"Log Missed Calls" should be checked on each of these phone which i assume is done as you are getting the correct report for your tests today. I would suggest running another report tomorrow to confirm if the behavior is consistent.


Hi Manish

I just figured out the issue now.. It was Busy trigger which was set "2" on each ip phone under shared extension. I just increased it to 7 and its working fine now.

Those calls was busy at user end and they were showing as missed calls in CDR but on IP phone missed call logs they were not appearing because they never reached to IP phones anyway.

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