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CUCM : export registered phones queries

Dear fellow UC colleagues,

I need to export to a file, CSV or any, a snapshot of endpoints of a certain type (phones,analog ports, but excluding: softphones) registered to any UCM node in my cluster, but based on:

1. primarily IP subnet range 

2. ideally, also another export but based on roaming device pool

3. (based on device pool)

I can have a snapshot based on IP subnet range using RTMT - but then I cannot copy paste that output into a XLS file, which is all that I miss unfortunately. Or do I overlook something in RTMT which allows for this export?

So I am thinking it needs to be done using SQL - but does anyone have the knowledge on how to contruct these SQL queries? 

any help is much appreciated!

kind regards, Juan

Hall of Fame Master

There is no SQL query for it AFAIK as this info is in memory.  One way I handle is as following:

  1. Perform search under devices to your liking, i.e. based on device type, etc. you can do "AND" searches
  2. Change rows per page to 250, take a note of total returned records
  3. Adjust the URL to https://<CUCM>/ccmadmin/ where the 5000 number can be anything you want grater than what your return count was, this allows you to see all records on single page
  4. Copy the content and paste as values into Excel
  5. Sort on any criteria you want, i.e. IP address, etc
Cisco Employee

In addition to what Chris already mentioned, the registered device information is not maintained in the CCM DB and thus no sql query can be utilized.

It is maintained by the RIS service in CUCM.

You can run the following command on the CUCM CLI to get a dump of all the information of the registered phones on that particular node as follows:

++ Show risdb query phones

You can copy and paste the output in a csv file in Excel and then apply filters according to your requirement.

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thank you for the answers - I appreciate it.

I understand it comes from the RIS DB and it gets me started.

However, I was hoping for something more - for example a way in RTMT to enable an export of the device search - as that more or less ties together the needed information - or some already constructed SQL statements that tie things together

Kind regards,