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Yort Mantup

CUCM In Place upgrade from 8.5 to 10.5 - error unsupported unaligned partition error

Wanted to share my experience and get some input

Current:  CM

Upgrading to:

Virtualized Env.  (2) UCS 210M2

1 Pub  1 Sub


Attempted the upgrade this past weekend and ran into the unsupported error partitions unaligned issue. Worked with TAC and because I do not have the resources on the server to bring up a new VM to install a fresh copy of 10.5,  I had to wipe away the PUB and install fresh copy of 8.5 (same version as before) and then do the same for the SUB and restored from backup.  Basically tested our DR recovery procedure.

TAC told me the issue was because I did not install the ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn file on the SUB before upgrading the PUB.  I was not planning on installing it until I was ready to upgrade SUB.  I do have the cop files installed on both nodes now.  This didn't sit well and the more I thought about it afterwards the more I questioned TAC's response. 


Here were my exact steps:

  1. Verify good DRS back-up.

  2. Remove any snapshots

  3. Use RTMT to clear out old logfiles.Go to Trace and Log Central in RTMT, select Collect Files, choose a time period (previous 6 month), do not zip the files and check the box to Delete the files from the server.Do this to avoid Common Partition being full possibility.  (Did this prior to step 1)

  4. Install ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn

  5. Install refresh.cop file

  6. Shut down Pub VM

  7. Change the guest OS version to RHEL 6 (64 bit)

  8. Increase the VDisk Space on hard disk 2 from 80GB to 110GB.Leave hard disk 1 at 80GB.

  9. Take Snapshot of VM in case issue with step 8.

  10. Modify the network adapter to use the VMXNET 3 adapter type.Will follow option 1 from the 10.5OVA Read Me.Requires modifying existing .vmx file

  11. Remove Snapshot

  12. Mount 10.5.1 ISO and run upgrade.Switch new version after upgrade option..

When the PUB came up and I had the error.  I was unable to take a backup of the 10.5 upgrade - seems to be an issue with the DRS backup - did not try restarting the DRF Master and DRF Local services on the CUCM Cluster.. just proceeded with the rebuild to original 8.5

I felt that because I was doing an in place upgrade on existing hardware and the partitions are currently aligned, I should be ok.  

I am planning on another go this weekend and will have a contingency plan in place to get to 10.5 if I encounter the error again.  Looking for any input as to what I could have done differently, if there is anything to avoid the issue.

Trisha Vasquez

Hi guys

Can anybody here respond to my issue ?

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