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CUCM LDAP Integration not syncing new users


Have CUCM 7.1(3), configured to sync with Microsoft AD (2003)

When we first configued the LDAP sync, CUCM was able to pull in all the existing users in our OU's.

We recently added a new OU with a couple of users,  gave the LDAP user "read-only" rights to the new OU (same as existing OU's), and set up the LDAP sync in CUCM.

We've run the "Full Sync Now" several times, which completes quickly, (we've waited for hours to make sure the process completed, only 90 users) and none of the "new" users are being pulled into CUCM.

We've also added some new users in existing OU's, those also are not being pulled into CUCM.

If we update information for existing users in AD, the information gets updated in CUCM, so the sync is working for existing users, but no new users are being imported.

I've stopped and started the DirSync process, that didn't help.

Any one have further suggestions?



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Sascha Monteiro
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

this 1st thing I would check are the logfiles, use rtmt, or ssh to the server and list the files;

file list activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/ det date

then you could tail the newest file, i.e.;

file tail activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/dirsync00001.log

and perform a full sync while you watch the logfile you are following and look for errors

Have the same issue, and am stuck here

16 Jan,2017 21:51:33 64,762 dirsync00007.log
dir count = 0, file count = 20
admin:file tail activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/dirsync00007.log

2017-01-16 21:51:33,056 ERROR [DSLDAPSyncImpl(a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000)] ldapplugable.DSLDAPSyncImpl ( - LDAPSync(a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000)[Run]

2017-01-16 21:51:33,057 INFO [DSLDAPSyncImpl(a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000)] ldapplugable.DSLDAPSyncImpl ( - LDAPSync(a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000)[Run] Exit LDAPSync for agreement=a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000
2017-01-16 21:51:33,165 INFO [Thread-7] common.DSNcsClient ( - DSNcsClient.process xml=<msg><type>DBL</type><table>directorypluginconfig</table><tableid>101</tableid><action>U</action><time>1484603493</time><old><cdrserver>2</cdrserver><cdrtime>1484603468</cdrtime><pkid>a497380d-8b55-e169-ae40-e6efb19bf000</pkid><agreementstatus>1</agreementstatus><ldapdn></ldapdn><ldappassword>c3f95341d6b42836d2700325d1310120411439e06cc54cc6fdd27c8eb8212639</ldappassword><ldapsynchronizationbase>DC=EU,DC=AD,DC=SULTREX,DC=COM</ldapsynchronizationbase><incsyncstatus>0</incsyncstatus><highestcommittedusn>1005298618</highestcommittedusn><syncnow>0</syncnow><invocationid>a4c44bfcbc57f541bba0267fe51e5e34</invocationid><fullsyncstatus>1</fullsyncstatus><connectedldaphost></connectedldaphost><name>Sultrex Europe Users</name><fkldapfilter>fe1d84fb-0810-3ba9-c2f6-c14b94067a73</fkldapfilter><ifx_replcheck>6376323342588316649</ifx_replcheck></old><new><fullsyncstatus>-1</fullsyncstatus></new></msg>
2017-01-16 21:51:33,166 INFO [Thread-7] common.DSNcsClient ( - DSNcsClient.process Process CN on directorypluginconfig with action=u

Clifford McGlamry
Rising star
Rising star

When you set up LDAP, you have to define the search base.

When you did set up the new OU, is the new OU reachable via the search base path provided when you set up LDAP integration?  If not, you may need to move your search base setup so that it is. .