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CUCM Location setting on Device Pool

Hi All,

I'd like to confirm that the Location setting on the Device Pool is active under all normal circumstances.  I did some testing and it seems to apply to phones using that device pool unless the phones themselves have a location set.  In that case device over-rides device pool.

What makes me hesitant is that a colleague of mine also tested this and found that the Device Pool Location just did not apply.  Are there certain circumstances under which this setting is active and some where it is not?  The section title is "Roaming Sensitive Settings" - does this apply to Device Mobility?  We need to know if the Location setting on the Device Pool is a primary way of enforcing CAC (along with phone Location.)



Leonardo Tadeu

Take a look on SRND of CUCM, but the location set on the phone overrides the location configured on the device pool.

If you want to see you locations in use install the RTMT go to System --> Performance ---> Select the server---> Cisco Locations ---> Choose the locations you want ---> Bandwidth Available

You see the the graph changes when this location will being used by the phones.


Yes, Location on the Device overrides what is on the device pool under normal condition, notice that the Location on the device level is a required field so you cannot leave it blank.  The only time the Location from DP is applied that I can think of is when using Device Mobility Feature, in which case the Location from Roaming DP is applied to the device.



I'ts true that you have to configure Location on devices and the device location overrides the settings on the device pool except if the device has Hub_None configured then the device pool location overrides the device setting.


Thanks for that, I was not aware of it, you learn something new everyday, +5 for great tip.


I wasn't able to find this info in the help files for UCM 7.1.5 bit in the 8.6.2 the loaction help file states:

"Note : The location that is configured in a device pool takes precedence over the location configured in the device when the location in the device is set to Hub_None. If the device location is set to any other user-defined location, standard rules apply and the device parameter takes priority. "

Thanks a lot everyone - this helps a lot.

Came here to find the answer to this - thanks!  In my CCNA Collab studies I encountered this.

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