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CUCM Log profile setting for 8841 phones does not show all the values

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Level 1

Hello All,

We are currently investigating some link negotiation issues with 8841 phones and have upgraded a few to the latest version sip88xx.11-0-1-11. According to the admin guide this version provides debugging features that can be turned on. The setting is called Log Profile and it is supposed to have values: Preset (default), Default, Telephony,SIP, UI, Network, Media, Upgrade, Accessory, Security, Wi-Fi, VPN, Energywise, MobileRemoteAccess.

The Log Setting can be found under Device --> Phone --> Product Specific Configuration Layout

I am interested in the "Network" debugging option however on CUCM version 10.5, I only see Preset and Telephony as the values.

Has anyone seen this issue? Or am I missing anything.


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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Thanks Deepak. I reviewed this documentation however I cannot find all the values listed. I am looking for Network but I only see Preset and Telephony. How can I see all the values?

I know it's a bit late, but I just ran into this myself needing to get VPNC debug details from a phone that wasn't set to a decent debug level.

I changed the log profile to Default and can see those debugs now.  It appears it set the default level to 7.

I'm not sure what level of detail comes from the Telephone log profile, but default seems to cover it all.