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CUCM logs and alerts

Bekzod Fakhriddinov

Hi. I have a problem: I can't open CUCM sdl files after few hours the maximum is 1-2 hour, I think they are getting overwritten by new sdl files... Also same thing with alerts-few hours and nothing. 

Is it disk space problem or some setting on CUCM ? 

If yes  How to change that space ? where are those settings?  

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Nipun Singh Raghav
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is this running on a UCS or a UCS-E or a Business Edition ? What is the call volume like ? Are you getting any RTMT alerts pertaining to low disk space ?


Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

its UCSC-C220-M3SBE, I have alerts logpartitionlowwatermarkexceeding, and no alerts low disk space. 

 UCS has 924.50 GB and 230 GB is free 



can you check the values for logpartitionlowwatermarkexceeded and logPartitionHighWaterMarkexceeded


1. Open RTMT tool using the IP address of the publisher. Inside RTMT click on 'Alert Central'
2. Then select 'LogPartitionLowWaterMarkexceeded' Right click and select 'Set Alert/Properties' >> click on next.
4. Note the current value of logpartitionlowwatermarkexceeded
5. Repeat the previous steps for LogPartitionHighWaterMarkexceeded


you can increase these values to 80 and 90 respectively and compare the results. 




highwater is 88 lowwater is 72% 

Is it possible that sdl logs might be flashed out due to this low and highwater limits? If yes, how should I change and which one to increase number of days? 

Looks like I found where I can change SDL trace settignsL Serviceability-Trace config-CM- CM services-Related link-SDL config. , by default is 250 files with 2 mb each. 

Have anyone changed /increased that value , will it affect to performance ?

The CUCM logs tends to over write if you have heavy call flow.


you can increase the file size to 10 MB and in that case it will generate more data in the system however no performance issues will be caused by this. 





What about the number of the files, right now is 255 files , logically thinking system will overwrite old files when reach highvolumewatermark , but there might me some caveats ?

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