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CUCM Pub crashed


Dear All

I have CUCM 8.6 PUB and SUB. My PUB b/c of some power issues crashed now all the voice network working through SUB.

kindly explain how i will install PUB again and rebuild the databse or it will replicate with SUB.

Kindly help!!!!


Thank You

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Do you have backups taking from your publisher...?? Your best bet might be to install your publisher and then restore the database from the backup. Ensure you restore using the same parameters..IP, host name, security passwords etc..

Once this is done, ensure the database replication is okay between the sub and the pub.

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Hi Saad,

In aadition to what Mr. Aok has suggested, in case u do not have backups , u can restore the Publisher from Susbscriber DB.

New Feature for Restoring the Database of a Publisher Node

When using the Disaster Recovery System to restore the publisher node of a Cisco Unified

Communications Manager cluster, you can restore the publisher database using the database from one

of the subscriber nodes.

If the backup file that you select for the restore process includes a CCMDB database component, a

drop-down list box appears in the Restore wizard that allows you to choose the node from which to

restore database data. When you use this option, Cisco Unified Communications Manager restores the

publisher database from the database of the chosen subscriber node, and restores all nondatabase

components from the backup file that was selected during the restore process.



Hi Aman,

Do you know if this applies to CM 8.0 as well.  I need to rebuild and restore CM publisher and my backup may not be current, pending verification from the SFTP server.