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CUCM Replication Problem


HI Guys

I have one cluster CUCM with 11.5 version

there are one Publisher with two subscriber and two IM servers

All the Ip Phone registered to CUCM Sub 2.

there is one CM Group with 3 serves above : SUB 2 , SUB 1,Publisher

when Sub 1 is Down all ip phone registered to SUB 1,But when that is goes UP again Dose not revert to SUB1.

NTP Server is Synched for All server.

Call Manager service Is started to all servers.

PLZ help me that i Solved it

TNX Dears

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Can you expplain again your issue," when Sub 1 is Down all ip phone registered to SUB 1,But when that is goes UP again Dose not revert to SUB1.".

Your cluster database replications is good?


Leonardo Santana

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HI tnx for your attention,

when sub 1 is down all ip phone registered to sub 2,but when that is goes up again dose not revert to sub 1,

my cluster database replication is good and the ntp server is synchronised


Cluster Detailed View from CUCM (3 Servers):

SERVER-NAME IP ADDRESS (msec) DbMon? QUEUE Group ID (RTMT) & Details
----------- ---------- ------ ------- ----- ----------- ------------------
CUCM192.168.40.41 0.028 Y/Y/Y 0 (g_2) (2) Setup Completed
CUCM-SUB2 0.533 Y/Y/Y 0 (g_4) (2) Setup Completed
CUCM-SUB1 0.347 Y/Y/Y 0 (g_3) (2) Setup Completed






The IP Phones have full connectivity with SUB1?

Is SUB1 inside the CM Group right?

Leonardo Santana

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yes Sub 1 is on the cm group and the all sip ip phone registered to sub 1.but when that is goes down and up again does not revert to sub1

Share the SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml and Phone console logs

(Feel free to change Private IP)


- TT

Regards, Tirtha

this is my xml file for phone


true SIP 0 true true false false 0 0 2016g tzupdater.jar 000000 Off Disabled false 0 Default CMLocal M/D/Y Iran Standard/Daylight Time Asia/Tehran Unicast Default true CUCM Tehran Subscriber 1 2000 5060 5061 2427 2428 CUCM Tehran Subscriber 2 2000 5060 5061 2427 2428 CUCM-Tehran Publisher 2000 5060 5061 2427 2428 Disable Disable false 2000 2000 2000 5060 5060 5060 false 30 2445
USECALLMANAGER 5060 USECALLMANAGER 5060 USECALLMANAGER 5060 true true x-cisco-serviceuri-cfwdall x-cisco-serviceuri-pickup x-cisco-serviceuri-opickup x-cisco-serviceuri-gpickup x-cisco-serviceuri-meetme x-cisco-serviceuri-abbrdial false 2 1 true true 2 2 0 true false 6 10 180 3600 5 120 120 5 500 4000 70 true None 1 false true false false none 101 3 avt 3 2 true 15000 3000 10 true false 16384 32766 0 0 9 Forghani-Voip Support USECALLMANAGER 5060 1999 Forghani-Voip Support 2 3 true 3 0 4 5 8b0c1617-54f8-1fa8-a1ad-dcfd68dbbf68 true false false true 2 1 9 USECALLMANAGER 5060 1996 2 3 false 0 0 4 5 baed3aa4-35da-f372-f909-dfa616f79482 false false false false 4 2 8671XXXX 5060 184 136 136 128 128 180 176 164 168 168 156 148 140 132 132 0 SK39185163-90ba-45ee-35ef-bbbc15327561.xml false false 01 true 3 sip78xx.14-1-1-0001-136 sip78xx.11-5-1-18 falsefalse0100600:3000:3100:01110101005050000001 106600:3000:3100:0100 1640190118-3463e7a7-93d3-44b6-8801-bd1030ed481c English_United_States 1 en_US iso-8859-1 United_States United_States 64 1 0 http:/ 96 0 96 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 false 0 0 0 3804 false 0 *81 *82 *83 *84 *85 3600 1999 1999 0 Missed Calls Application:Cisco/MissedCalls Voicemail Application:Cisco/Voicemail Received Calls Application:Cisco/ReceivedCalls Placed Calls Application:Cisco/PlacedCalls Personal Directory Application:Cisco/PersonalDirectory Corporate Directory Application:Cisco/CorporateDirectory

Adam Pawlowski

I don't understand your description. If SUB2 is primary, and it goes down, the phones should register to SUB1. Once SUB2 becomes available, after a time the phones will fall back. If SUB1 goes down when the phones are on SUB2, they should eventually notice and make the publisher secondary, but they won't do anything else.


If you mean they don't revert to SUB2 after SUB1 comes up - it's not immediate. The devices will probe and attempt to register when DNS resolution and SIP registration succeeds. If they don't ever, review the log from the phone to see if it can explain why it's not happy. Make sure as well you're on later firmware, in case there's a bug or issue that causes this problem.




Hi adam.

CUCM Cluster version is 11.51.12900 restricted.

this problem is just for revert SIP ip phone from seconadry server to primary server when that is up again.

this problem just for sip protocol and for sccp everything is ok.

framware version is 11.5 and 12.1.8 and 14.1 but the problem isnt ok.

ntp server synchronised and dbreplication is good state too.

can i described clearly?

Your problem is clearly described, however I would not think that it is caused by a replication problem as it’s in the control of the phones to switch between the CM CPE nodes in the cluster, not the nodes themselves. I would recommend you to get the logs out of the phone(s) that has the issue and analyse them to see if you can narrow down the cause of the problem.

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Hi Roger

TNX for Your Replay

This is Capture of IP Phone when Regisetred to Standby node but the primary node is up.



ip.src== ( IP Phone 7821) && ip.dst== Primary Node

ip.src== && ip.dst== Secondry Node

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