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CUCM - SNR show original calling number on incoming call rather than DN of RD


Ok so let me prefix this by saying, yes, I know it's by design and it defeats the purpose but that's the request I have (or rather, one of the users has).


Say I have a user Joe Bloggs with ext 1234 and an RD setup going to his cell phone +0123456789


When Joe rings into the office from his cell +0123456789 is shows (correctly) his internal ext 1234 as that's the number configured on the remote destination. Does anyone know a setting that would enable the original calling cell number to show rather than the internal DN ?

Cheers in advance.

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But why?! hahahah

I'm assuming you still want to keep +0123456789 as one of the SNR numbers, right?


I haven't test it but having that incoming call using another Partition/CSS maybe?


Rolando A. Valenzuela.



It's a user request Rolando. They're using Hunt Groups and SNR for something, but rather than use their on dn for SNR, they don't want all calls going to their cell so I went with a dummy number. Problem is that dummy number shows on all calls they make inbound from their cell.
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