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CUCM Subscriber Node License

Hi guys, I have one CUCM Publisher 7.0, now I need to add a new Subscriber. What are the steps to obtain the Node Lic for my Subscriber??, any good link?

Thanks forum


Adrian Saavedra
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Here you can read how to request your licese for your subscriber node:

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- Adrián.

Hi Adrian, thanks for the tip. Just one question: "You use the Product Authorization Key (PAK) that came with your product to obtain the necessary permanent licenses"

Is the PAK number that comes with my new server (Subcriber) right??

Thanks again


James Hawkins

To add a second server to your cluster you need an appropriate node license for the server model. If it is a Cisco MCS server choose from the options below:

LIC-CM7.0-7816= License CM 7.0 7815/7816 Appliance

LIC-CM7.0-7825= License CM 7.0 7825 Appliance

LIC-CM7.0-7835= License CM 7.0 7835 Appliance

LIC-CM7.0-7845= License CM 7.0 7845 Appliance

When this is delivered there will be a piece of paper with a PAK code on it.

You register this PAK code using the Cisco Licensing Tool and then receive an email with a license file attached which is uploaded to the cluster Publisher.

During the registration process you need to provide the MAC address of the server acting as the Publisher.

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Thanks for the info guys. (+5 points)

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Hi again guys, sorry for this silly question. But, In a new installation of CUCM7 (sw preloaded), it have 1 license node and 50 dlu's, do I need to order a license node for this server again?? or this license node comes with my purchase order??

Thanks again friends


Rob Huffman
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Hey David,

Hope all is well buddy!

The "License" for 1-Node and 50-DLU's is referred to as the "Starter" License. You should have a PAK with this box that needs to be registered to receive the "Permanent" Licenses. At the end of the day your License should look like the one below. You can open the file with Notepad and have a look;

Example 28-2 Permanent CCM_Node licenses

INCREMENT CCM_NODE cisco 7.0 permanent uncounted \


ileVersion> \

HOSTID=000e7feeebbd \

NOTICE="200603091932168611 \

" SIGN="1375 87CA 021E 6ABD C2EF C1D2 1E1A 9A08 \

6A0C 6624 1F21 E5CC 8D83 E154 202F 0A2A 4F75 00D6 C102 E5B9 \

5DA2 A3F9 AE38 CD9A CC86 3F14 9455 28F9 CBC8 31CC"

The preceding license file includes the following information:

•No expiration date for this license exists as indicated by the keyword permanent. Permanent indicates that the license file is not temporary. A temporary license would have a date here instead.

•This license file provides two licenses for the version 7.0 of the feature CCM_NODES.

•Original Mac Id specifies the Mac ID for which license file was first issued.

•Host ID specifies the MAC ID of the publisher server. This would differ from the OrigMacID only if a rehost procedure was done for the license file.

•The Cisco specific fieldLicFileID identifies this license file.

•SIGN is the signature that gets generated by FlexLM and gets used by the FlexLM validation package in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to detect whether license file tampering occurred.

•You can add multiple increment lines for same feature in a license file to increase the license count. None of the INCREMENT lines should be identical, and each of them should be signed independently.



Hi David,

When you install CUCM 6 or 7 you get the one node license and 50 DLU's. The purpose of this is to allow you to start configuring and testing for a small number of devices before the proper licenses arrive and are registered. It also allows you to play about in a lab environment.

When a proper CUCM license file is installed the initial node license and DLU's are removed from the system.

You always need to buy a node license for each server you are deploying and enough DLU's for the phones/features you are deploying.

It would break the conditions of the license agreement to permanently use the initial licenses in a production system.

CUCM5 which introduced the new node and DLU licensing model did not include any initial licenses which meant you could not start proper configuration until they arrived.

Hi Rob and jamesha, thanks for your great explanation. Just this one please.

I have ordered an UNFIED-CM-7.0 with, I have found the PAK in the box, but when I enter this number in the it shows me "CCX 7.0 UCM 5 Seat ENH Bundle - ONLY with NEW UCM", I'm sure that I'm doing something wrong, please I will be waiting your suggestion.

Thanks again


Hi David,

Do you have any white A4 sized envelopes? - the node and DLU PAK codes are typically delivered in them.

The PAK you have found is for a 5 seat Unified Contact Center Express license - this is a promotion that Cisco are currently running where you get the agent seats free but to use them you need to buy the required server operating system ($2995) and a suitable MCS server.

The UNIFIED-CM-7.0 part code is a "top level" part code and is used in the Cisco Configuration Tool to select further options such as servers and DLU's.

Did you order a server (node) license (e.g. LIC-CM7.0-7825=) and DLU licenses (e.g. LIC-CM-DL-10)? - if yes then check with your supplier whether all the items ordered have been shipped. If no then unfortunately you will have some money to spend.

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Hi, thanks again for your mail, I have checked the CUCM 7.0 order and I have the "License CM7.0 7815/7816 Appliance, 500 seats" included. If you have any additional suggestion, plesae let me know.

Thanks again



The description fits so you should have received a white A4 envelope with the part code LIC-CM7.0-7816= on it. Inside would be the PAK code for your new Subscriber.

If you have not got this I would contact your supplier to check exactly what they ordered from Cisco. It could be that they have part shipped the order. These licenses can take weeks to get hold of.

'License CM7.0 7815/7816 Appliance, 500 seats', is this equal to 500 DLU?

No, this is the node license only. DLUs need to be purchased separately, either with the CUWL-LIC part code for workspace licensing or as James mentioned above, the LIC-CM-DL-XX part code for a la carte.

Which type of Cisco Media Convergence Servers,MCS7816XX-XX-XXXX has node license included?

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